Sex After Labor Or C Sec

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1Sttimemomy - May 18

how soon after you have your baby can you have s_x?


Cher - May 18

They usually say six weeks.... Once your episiotomy heals and the blood flow slows or stops. You usually have a hard time keeping clean after the baby is born since you can't wipe, you will have to flush the area with a peri-bottle. I personally would use a condom... the last thing you want is to get pregnant again after just having a baby!!! You will have a better understanding of what is right with you after you have the baby.


mishy - May 18

Not sure about c-section.. with vag birth, I was cut and tried it 6 weeks after and it was REALLY uncomfortable.. my friend had no cuts or tears and was fine after 2 weeks. My advice: don't put pressure on yourself (and don't let hubby pressure you).. even if physically capable, you might just be too tired/not in the mood for a while. Your hormones go crazy, your b___bs will be leaking or gushing milk.. its not a particularly romantic time and you might just need a cuddle..


ash2 - May 19

mine said six weeks, but my hubby said that he felt " sick to his stomach" having s_x after 6 weeks b/c of the way it still felt..... makes me want to wait longer.


jas - May 19

We waited 4 weeks - it was sore at first, but it got better. Definately use a condom until you are on some other type of bc... Breastfeeding or not, you can still get pregnant even right after giving birth...


Nerdy Girl - May 19

S_x was painful for me after both of my c-sections, for a few month afterwards. I know it's weird because you think that with a C, it would not matter, but it does! There are a lot of posts about this on the c-section board, so apparently it's quite common.


krnj - May 19

I waited the full 6 weeks after the c and it was painful the first few times. Now at 11 weeks later everything seems to be fine.


Mellissa - May 19

we waited three weeks and it felt fine. i was afraid my hubby would think it felt weird, but he said he couldn't even tell i just pushed a baby out!! my dr said to just do what feels right to you. but i didn't tear or have an episiotomy or anything. but yeah, bc is DEFINITELy recommended. :)



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