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lisa - March 28

Did anyone try fortune to determine the s_x of your baby? Was your result accurate?


deniz - April 3



levi - April 4

do they charge for the test.


LISA - April 5



alexa - April 9

I went to (2) days before we were going in for a gender ultrasound. I was so excited to find out that it was going to be a girl from website...what impressed me even more was that the name that we had chosen for our baby (if it was a girl) was on the list of recommended names. Then (2) days later, we found out that - without a doubt - our baby was going to be girl. I was so excited. I am still very excited. We have told all of our friends and family about this website. We will also be back to use Fortunebaby formula in a couple of years when we are ready to concieve a boy.


pCat - April 9

I would recommend site to all my pregnant friends


de dream - April 9



melissa - April 25

I did this test, and for me, my test results were accurate, I had a boy all right.


Kymmi - April 26

I did not do this test. The only thing I did before actually finding out was read TONS and TONS of old wives tales and checked out the chinese conception chart (which was wrong btw). I don't believe there is any REAL way of finding out without the use of an ultrasound (and even those have been wrong). I think a lot of these "tests" are up to chance and highly conincidental. Oh well, that is my opinion.


LEA - May 4

Yes, it was accurate for me


C - May 4

How can they really know though? I did it and it said a girl - I am not due unitl Nov 8th to find out for sure...but I was told with the needle test done by friends that it was going to be a was right on my other 3 kids - which are 2 boys 1 girl - we are hoping for a boy ....but we'll have to wait and see!!!


carissa - May 4

I took the test and it said that we were having a girl. However when we went for our ultrasound, the tech said it was a boy. I am not due until June 18th, but I can tell you after having 2 boys and 1 girl, we a__sume that by the way that my body is shaped and the weight gain, it is a girl. We will see!!!


Lyssa - May 7

The Chinese calendar worked for me. (Boy) The old wives tales were not b/c everything changed as my pregnancy progressed (cravings, shape of belly, kicks, etc.)


MJ - May 8

Think about it though...they have a 50% chance of being can this site really determine the s_x of your baby by your birthdates and due date?


tara - May 9

The chinese prediction website gave me a boy, but the fortune gave me a girl! Most people are saying I'm having a boy and some are saying a girl! So I don't know who or what to belive ... we'll just wiat for the deliver room to hear the news. :o)


* - May 14



to lisa - May 14

yes, I tried and for me the results were accurate.



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