Sex For Induction

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mbud24 - January 15

Does having s_x as a form on inducing labor really work? I have been having contractions since last week. On Friday I went to the hospital and they sent me home because although I was having them every five minutes they were not strong enough for me to stay. On Saturday they were really strong and going from my back, thighs and all through my stomach. I thought I was going to faint, but since they told me not to come back until I couldn't talk I didn't go in. Yesterday I had mild ones but not as bad on Saturday. My hubby and I had s_x last night praying that something would happen and nothing has yet, how many times am I going to have to have s_x in order for it work? It so sad I know, I should be enjoying it (and I did) but i'm so miserable right now all I could think about is having the baby already. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


sahmof3 - January 15

Some people swear by it. it didn't work for me, though. I went to 41 weeks 6 days... not for lack of trying ;-)


tyler0323 - January 15

you know it is said to work for some, but mostly think it is coincidence to go into labor after s_x since it has happen to as many as it hasnt happend too. Baby comes when they are ready and thats all there is too it. gl, and doc dont normaly let you go 10 days past your due date now. Have you reached that yet.


Tammy276 - January 15

Its not really the "s_x" that caused labor. Men's s____n contains a certain hormone that makes the womans cervix efface.....If you have an orgasm, it may help to stimulate having contractions but it is my no means guarenteed....Me and my hubby had s_x the last few weeks leading up to my due date and I was still induced at the hospital, so it didn't work for us.


HEATHER - January 15

I wish!! last time from 38 weeks to 40 weeks we had s_x every other day, and most of the time it just led to a sleepless night casue I would get Bad BH's for hours that would go away. Then after my dd we would have s_x every day along with all the walking, and spicy foods, and chineese foods etc and still nothing, I didnt give birth till 42 +2 days and I didnt have s_x that day, the night before I did. I was going to bed telling my belly that tonight was the last night to come naturally or tomorrow I would be induced and I didnt want that and no lye in less than an hour I started having good contractions, all by them self....


BklynMama - January 15

Well with my first child, I had alot of s_x toweards the end of my pregnancy and didnt work. I was 41 weeks pregnant before I went into labor. I did however take a nice size spoonful of castor oil the night before I went into labor. Maybe the castor oil worked..maybe it was just a coincedence! Who knows..



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