Sex Of The Baby

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bbdreams - July 2

Hey girls, for those of you who found out the s_x of your baby - what week did you have your ultrasound? I currently have my ultrasound booked for week 18 - but have been hearing that week 20 is better for finding out the s_x. We definitely want to know the s_x, so when is the best time for that ultrasound(I can easily change the date of the ultrasound)? Thanks ladies!!!


Precious - July 2

I had my ultra sound at 19 weeks.. make sure u drink orange juice before u go so baby can be active and show its self off :-) best wishes!!


mommaminchey - July 2

I had mine at 19 also. We were very able to tell he was a he. I do think that by 18wls u should be fine. They just like to make it 20weeks across the board just to make sure. Good luck!


gabbysally - July 2

mine was a little past 18 weeks, maybe 2 or 3 days. I meant to drink OJ before but forgot, and we were still able to find out we were having a girl, she was spreading her legs nice and wide for us :) but honestly, no matter what week you go around there, sometimes they can't just get a good enought picture to tell you for sure if baby is cooperaing. if your babe is going to reveal him/herself, the doc will be able to tell you by week 18. good luck!


bbdreams - July 2

Thanks ladies! What is this about orange juice? I've never heard that before - what does it do?


Precious - July 2

So your baby will be active i guess lol.. i dont know i jus followed.. Nurse n friends told me so i did it lol


luckymenm23 - July 2

Yeah i went at 18 weeks and they saw clearly that i am having a girl, i went again at 21 weeks because they wanted to measure her again after 20 weeks and still girl. i also drank orange juice and she moved alot and was able to show what she was.


bean - July 2

You can find out anytime from the 17th week and on. I agree with the oj - or any sugary drink for that matter. Drinking something with sugar will wake the baby up and get him or her moving so that you can see the gender. Sometimes a sleeping baby is stuck in a position where s/he won't reveal him/her self.


Heather - July 2

My lo was too small to tell the gender at 18 weeks. The tech said that if she had to guess then she would say boy but wasn't positive. We had to go back at 22 weeks and have another b/c at 18 weeks, she also couldn't see all 4 chambers of the heart. At the 22 week he was positively a boy. My SIL also tried at 18 weeks and they weren't able to tell either.


sashasmama - July 2

I had an ultrasound at around 14 weeks and you could tell it was a girl, then another one at around 19 weeks, that's when the tech confirmed. It depends on the position of the baby.


DDT - July 2

I found out at 18w6d with ds1 and at 22w3d with ds2. Both times I was accurately told that I was having a boy. With both pregnancies I also went for a 3D u/s (paid out of my own pocket) to confirm the s_x and see our lo's in the "flesh".


mjvdec01 - July 2

I was exactly 18 weeks. I was told to drink as much water as possible, so my bladder was full. Apparently if your bladder is full, you get better images. This time we are having a boy, and we have a 28 month old daughter.


Cat24 - July 12

bbdreams one of my friends had a scan around 18 weeks and they refused to tell her the s_x even though they knew at that stage. they said it was hospital duty to not tell a couple the s_x until at least the 20 week scan. i think maybe it might have something to do with the abortion law in this country as you can abort up to 26 weeks. some doctors refuse to tell couples the s_x because they say asians inparticular are only after boys and have been known to book abortions if they find out they are having a girl.


KITKAT01 - July 14

Has anyone been told the wrong s_x?? i was told at 19 weeks she thought is was a girl but was not allowed to say she as positive as per company policy im almost 37 weeks and have a bunch of girl stuff i guess i am just getting a lil nervious



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