Sex Or Sleep

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LA - December 8

Hi Ladies! I will be 30 weeks pregnant on Monday. The last little while my s_x drive is not the same. Well, I still have the drive however by the time I hit the bed all I want to do is sleep. My partner is usually very understanding, lately though he is taking it personally. Any suggestions on how I can let him know how much I still desire him? Thanks!


marie - December 8

I had my baby exactly 3 months ago and I still have to wait a week to ha ve s_x......complications with my stiches...they were done I would have s_x now. We did it until the day I had her...thank god!!


Kristin - December 8

I wish I had some advice on how to get some overwhelming amount of energy - but I don't! I am having the same problem, and my poor husband takes EVERYthing personally. I try to give him lots of extra compliments, and show little signs of affection during the day, more kisses, hugs, back rubs, etc. - One night though, when he was feeling extra sorry for himself, I actually made him look on one of the threads on the forum, and was like, SEE! It's not just me! No one is having s_x right now!!


Ashley - December 8

LA, I'm 31 weeks and sleep is a wonderful thing . . . . however, that said, a couple times I've been so tired, I really didn't want to, but I did, and then I ended up with the best o's ever, so I felt rather sheepish for being so grumpy about it. *blush* I sleep so good afterwards, too. I still like weekends best b/c it doesn't have to be at night . . . I try to head dh towards the bedroom before I'm utterly worn out, that helps. Good luck . . . .


LA - December 8

It's very hard when I see my partner taking things so personally. We have a great s_x life, these days the night s_x is a thing of the past. Morning s_x is usually much easier. This morning however any attempts to arouse me were totally unsuccessful. I fell back asleep every time he tried. AHHHHH!!! Poor guy!


anon - December 8

my dh has contented himself with receiving oral pleasure. It is a compromise for us and I don't want him to feel that I don't have time to pleasure him - he is doing a lot for me during this pregnancy but I just don't feel like intercourse is comfortable anymore.


Angela - December 8

I'll be 30 wks on Tues and I've gone through periods of this off and on throughout. I'm heading into another one now. But I've found that I make sure to be completely honest with him - I tell him I really do want to, but I'm just exhausted - its NOT personal! I've even asked him to figure out a solution with me so that we both can be happy. One solution is that we'll try to take a shower together - its a little harder to work out good positions, but it does work cause its in the morning and we are already awake. Or - now I know some people don't like this - but even if I'm not feeling that great I'll "be there" for him while he takes care of himself. I guess I could be called a "visual aid". lol! I certaintly don't mind it. Oral s_x has been a good alternative too. My only complaint though is I do get turned on by all of this and that just doesn't mix well when I'm really sleepy. Especially because pregnancy has enhanced my o's more than ever. (I hope that lasts afterwards!!)


Angela - December 10

Lucky you!.. Great organsiums would be a bonus


jessielouwho - December 11

Too funny Kristin, I posted "lost s_x drive" and actually had him read the responses on here too!


Ginny - December 12

My poor husband's going through the same thing! Something that really helps us, though, is for him to give me a back ma__sage or a foot ma__sage - it's relaxing and takes away some tension, and gives me a little more motivation for pleasing him! Also, I am less tired if we have it earlier in the day, like while supper is on the stove.



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