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Amanda - March 16

I am 32 weeks and from the first day that my husband found out he said that it bothered him to have s_x, it made him uncomfortable and he didn’t want to hurt the baby or me. I have tried to tell him it is okay and the Dr. said it's okay but he still wont. It is putting a huge strain on our relationship because I feel un attractive because he won’t have s_x with me. Being 15-20 pounds bigger doesn’t make you feel s_xy but this makes me feel ugly. Any suggestions?


Em - March 16

Amanda, I know how you feel. I'm a bit opposite though, I feel so unattractive that I don't want to have s_x and that makes my husband unhappy. I feel guilty but you know, we can't let it effect our relationships...pregnancy is not a permanent condition and everything should go back to near normal later on (except that then we'll be too tired from late-night feedings to have s_x :-)


Jenny - March 17

The mere thought of s_x repulses me which is a shame because we were such a s_xual couple before I got pregnant. My husband is coping OK but he can't wait until it is over! Only a few more weeks to go and then hopefully it won't be long after that before I get my libido back. As for you Amanda, men just find it weird, that's all, I doubt he finds you less attractive, he's just weirded out by the whole thing. Hang in there!


Toya - March 22

You are blessed! My husband still wants s_x all the time...I can't wait until those 6 postpartum weeks when I can get a break from s_x, with a MEDICAL excuse!!


Angela - March 23

Well, I can certainly relate. My husband has been the same way. Except he just says he doesn't know why he is not interested anymore. Its very depressing...but we have to remember that it has nothing to do with us. Its them.


Hilary - April 6

I have been experiencing the same thing, dh is only just beginning to get over his discomfort while all the pregnancy hormones in my body spiked my s_x drive. I would suggest talking to him as honestly as possibly about how you are feeling without pressuring him at all. Even if he does not become more comfortable with it until after baby is born, it should help the strain on your relationship. Best of luck!



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