Sex When Cervix Is Dilated

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Lu - January 30

Is is okay to have s_x when cervix is dilated? At last week's appointment I was told that my cervix is dilated 1 cm. But at the same time I read that s_x helps bring on labor. Soo...I assume it is safe to have s_x when cervix has started to dilate but at the same time, I see online that I should not have s_x if cervix is dilated. But what about these women that walk around weeks with a dilated cervix. (like I think I will since I am only 38 weeks and no other signs that labor is coming soon.)


Drew - January 30

From what I've been told it's fine as long as your water hasn't broken. After your water is broken it's a no-no because of the possibility of infection, but since you still have that "protection" there you should be fine!


shelly - January 31

I thought it was OK, but after seeing this question I looked it up on the internet and every website says not to have s_x when you're dialated, I didn't know that. I'm dialated to one and very glad to know that!! I wonder why they tell you to have s_x to get labor going, I guess thats just if you're not dialated


Lu - January 31

Thanks Drew, I have heard that too, and then like Shelly see all this conflicting info. I will ask my doctor this morning when I see her and post back to you!


Melissa - January 31

I was dilated at 3.0 cm last week and got the OK to have s_xe from my doctor. We did...and now I'm at 4cm, wouhou!


Lu - January 31 said it was totally fine!


Jessica NY - January 31

I've been dilated to 1cm for the longest and not effaced/thinning, my doctor told me to go home and have s_x. It's perfectly safe unless you have a high risk pregnancy, the possibility of preterm labor or like Drew said, your waters have broken. All that useful info came straight from my doctors mouth and my "What to expect" book.


Drew - January 31

Yeah, there is actually a component in sperm that can help jump start labour if your body is ready. There is sooo much conflicting info about everything it seems during pregnancy it's all so confusing at times!!


rk - January 31

I went into preterm labor at 30 weeks and I'm 34 weeks now. Guess I'll wait and see once I get past 37 weeks if it's ok to have s_x again.


Chan - January 31

I was told it's fine to have s_x when you are dilated. I lost my mucus plug at 36 weeks, and they told me not to have s_x or take baths just to be safe.



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