Sexually Discouraged

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mama2be - May 9

Has anyone else had a difficult time this last trimester with s_x? First, I'm not inthe mood, and when I am, it hurts. Plus, with the big belly poking out in front, it makes things pretty difficult. Intimacy is supposed to be exciting and bring you together, but I can't help feeling discouraged after a "failed" attempt. My dh is very understanding, but I can't help but feel I'm failing him here. Does anyone else struggle with this too??? Anyone have any suggestions to make it work better? Positioning has been difficult, along with soreness. Add in the factor of not wanting to hurt the baby or go into labor yet (I'm 35 wks pg) and you've got a tough situation!


Nita_ - May 10

I'm in the same boat. I don't even try, i feel sad for my dh sometimes but I'm just not in the mood/can't stop but think that it might hurt the baby etc. Luckily my dh is very understanding as well.


Amanda R - May 10

Oooooh! I totally sympathize with you all! There are a limited number of positions that you can even try and YES they all hurt! We have used the standing (man behind) and side lying (spoons). I never was a big fan of the "doggy style" to begin with, so we haven't used that (but it's an option). My personal favorite is the woman on top and we kinda "bounce". It seems like that is the most comfortable for me at this point (37 weeks) and after the initial penetrations it doesn't hurt nearly as bad (Sorry probably TMI). If s_x isn't an option, you can do other things to keep your DH from feeling deprived. They might actually be more enjoyable for you too since it seems to be the penetration thing that causes us pain. GL and keep trying things. Your DH will be appreciative of your efforts anyway!


DWilson924 - May 10

Ok so I was feeling the same as you mama2be until one night i felt a little frisky (for once) and I decided that the couch was as far as I could make it with him so we put a blanket under us and "had fun" on the couch with me on top. Yes I know to some this is a little gross considering it's the couch and a very public place in the house where a lot of different people have to sit, which is why we put the blanket down so nothing would get on the couch. Anyhow, to be 100% honest with you it was the best s_x I have had my entire pregnancy (BTW I'm 29 weeks). I highly suggest to any pregnant woman to try this because as I said it was the best s_x , and strongest "O" that I've had in 29 weeks.


Alyssam21 - May 10

Hello mama2be! I'm also 35 weeks pg and for some reason I have been in the mood a lot! I have no clue why. But I do experience soreness also (especially with penetration.) Most of the time I just suck it up because it's more uncomfortable then painful. But besides intercourse itself, oral (sorry if to graphic!) is another great way to be intimate and keep your DH happy, but even you too. I find being intimate in that way rather then intercourse itself sometimes is when my DH and I have the best time! Good luck!


Alyssam21 - May 10

It also helps to get you into the "mood" and able to handle the intercourse a lot better too!


tlew - May 10

Finding a good position can be difficult. I am also 35 weeks. So far what has worked for me is to make sure that I am "ready" which makes the entry more comfortable. Either me on top or from behind gently works very well everytime. Sometimes it feels like im losing my virginity all over again. lol But I also know that having s_x helps prep for labor, so that is a plus. Once we get in the groove its all good. Hope this helps. Good Luck


krc - May 10

well i dont know how conservative you ladies are but if your not in the mood for intercourse but still want to satisfy your man why not give him oral? Or what man doesn't love a good ole' t_tty fu** . LOL I know it sounds vulgar but it's true. This way you can still have a little fun without worrying about him poking you into labor!!!


Renee-Marie - May 10

KRC, you are sooo funny. I tend to agree with you, but I just have to laugh at the t_tle of this forum..... In my case, I'm not s_xually discouraged , I'm more like s_xually deprived. I'm just too nervous to get involved in that stuff. Too many issues..... ugh...


Chrissy - May 10

Very s_xually deprived here! Haven't been able to have s_x since I was 15 weeks pregnant (i'm now 37 weeks) because of an irritable bladder and then because of my incompetent cervix!!! It will be like a whole new experience for us after the baby!!!!


Higgy - May 11

I can totally relate to the s_xually deprived women! My husband was in a car acciden at the begining of February. That combined with my huge stomach has made it impossible for us to have s_x. My husband has really severe whiplash and is just starting to be able to move around a bit more. How frustrating lol!


Alyssam21 - May 12

When I have oral s_x with my DH I refuse to let him do his "thing" inside my mouth :) Personally I don't think I could handle it either! I get him to the point right before it happens and continue it with my hand and it works just as well!


BaByCrAzY - May 12

You know, alot of you girls are lucky! My problem is that my husband seems to have lost interest in me s_xually since I got pregnant. Don't get me wrong, where love and special attention are concerned, he is beyond wonderful! But when it comes to the bedroom, not so much. I have brought it up in conversation a few times, but he finds a different excuse every time and swears that he still finds me desirable. I guess, it's only temporary. I guess it doesn't help that hormones are raging and I feel umm...... "s_xually charged!" (LOL)


Been There - May 12

Mama2be, I like being held, but anything else, DH can keep to himself. I feel like this big load is just in the way. I comply when asked, but it's not something I encourage.


Chrissy - May 12

Tille, I laughed so hard when I read your post "Perhaps he's like to slice himself open down there and heal with you" :) I agree! No kidding, that guy needs a lesson in patience and compa__sion!



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