Shaky Feeling

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BriannasMummy - November 13

Today for most of the day, I had this very shaky feeling. My knees shake and my hands shake. It was horrible. It got so bad that I couldnt write on a piece of paper, nor could I hold a knife when cutting up dinner. Is this something brought on by pregnancy? Has anyone else felt anything like this? Its weird to me.


baby-love - November 13

Sounds like low blood sugar to me...did you feel better after eating?


mandy797 - November 13

Yes i agree with baby-love it does sound like your blood sugar level.Make sure you eat a solid/variety breakfast if thats what it is.


BriannasMummy - November 13

I did have a half decent breakfast yesterday. I went out to the mall about an hour or so after I ate.. just as soon as I stepped out of the car it started. I didnt eat again until about 7:30ish.. because I was just out and about doing lots of things. When I got home I was in the WORST condition of the entire day. After I ate at 7 30 it seemed to slow down a lot.. still a bit shaky today, but at least i can hold a pen. Perhaps I should talk to my doc. about it. Ive never had n e problems with low sugar before. ~Kristin~


Christy1 - November 13

Kristin: I kind of had the same thing the other day because I went too long without eating. I was in Home Depot and I started sweating and thought I was going to faint. I have never experienced anything like that. About an hour after I ate, it went away.


olivia - November 13

It sounds like low blood sugar to me too (hypoglycemia). It is common during pregnancy (goes along with your increased need for food). Eat plenty of small meals a day, keep some food on hand in case of emergency. Protein works best in the long run but a quick fix can be any food you can get your hands on. If you are eating a lot of carbohydrates it could aggrivate it.


BriannasMummy - November 13

I dont know what I am doing wrong. I think im eating a proper amount of food. Its just really jittery feeling. Ill have to ask the doc about hypoglycemia. How do you get low blood sugar? Just from a lack of food? Thank you girls soo much for at least enlightening me! ~Kristin~


olivia - November 13

I think it is pretty common in pregnancy though I am not exactly sure why, maybe just the change in your bodies metabolism during pregnancy. It is a horrible feeling. The better fix than grabbing any sugar available is to increase your protein intake over the day. Eggs or a protein shake at breakfast helps. Peanut b___ter, hummus, beans, meat are all good stabilizers too. Keeping peanut b___ter crackers in a bag to snack on when you are out is also helpful if it keeps happening. You should mention it to your doctor, but it is probably nothing to worry about. I a__sume you pa__sed your glucose test and have been going to your prenatal appointments so they have been monitoring your sugar. Hopefully it will all clear up after you have the baby since you never had a problem with it before.


amandaxoxo - November 14

I have that problem a lot too. I am a hairdresser and standing or staying in one position for too long can cause low blood pressure- that what my doctor said. He told me ot make sure and eat a snack every 2 hours to help with the problem


mandee25 - November 14

I have had this happen a few times right before I got pregnant. I got shaky, sweaty and sick feeling. After I sat down and ate something I was fine. I am pretty sure it was low blood sugar.


BriannasMummy - November 14

You ladies have awesome suggestions. Thank you all for your advice. amandaxoxoxo: you said that in your case it might be a low blood pressure issue.. do you think it could also be a high blood pressure issue? Throughout this entire pregnancy I have had high blood pressure issues and I have to be on medication for it, to control it. Either the medication is working way to good.. or perhaps my high blood pressure is affecting me the same way your low blood pressure is affecting you. Its weird.. it happens all of a sudden, when I least expect it. Last night I was sitting there and all of a sudden my hands started shaking uncontrollable and i couldnt hold the remote. My dh thought I was shivering from being soo cold. He was really taken aback by it. I have a dr.s appt tomorrow, and Ill mention it to him. Thank you ALL for your advice! ~Kristin~



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