Sharp Pains In Vagina

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jen - December 19

I am 34 weeks, and i have been having sharp pains in my va___al area. I can feel her move down there, so i know shes low somewhat, but it still hurts! is this her head getting situated for birth? anyone else experience this?


dew - December 19

I've had this pain for a month now, I think it's from muscles stretching. It feels like something might rip soon. I'm 38 1/2 weeks so plan on it lasting until the end. I was told that a support belt could help but I never actually used one.


Ashley N - December 20

Lol, jen, I'm not quit 33 weeks and I know what you're feeling!! Ouch!! I hope that the muscles don't have to stretch as much in labor, it can kind of stop me in my tracks it hurts so bad! It hurts, but it doesn't seem to last very long. I am going to see my midwife tonight, I will ask about this and see what she says it is. :)


jb - December 20

I am 32 weeks and have just started feeling this. It feels like pressure and stretching. I try to do keagel excercise while it hurts in hopes of strenthening the muscle down there.


Ashley N - December 21

Well, I asked my midwife about this yesterday, and she said there are two nerves inside the pelvic bones, and if the baby's head is pushing into the pelvis and it turns it's head it can hit one of the nerves and make the sharp, shooting pain I'm feeling! jb, you are very brave to do kegels while this is going on, I just want to scream! All she said I could really do is lay down or sit down but she said sometimes it takes a moment for the pressure to ease off the nerve. That's all I learned! :)


Jen - December 21

I have the same thing except it doesn't help sitting, standing, or laying down. It is just really really painful! Sometimes it takes my breath away for a moment because it is so sharp. I got it before early in the preg. but now towards the end at 38 almost 39 weeks it is terrible! Just a few more weeks is all I have to say!


Still - December 22

I'm still having these on and off after having the baby, mostly in the v____a and sometimes elsewhere (rectum, stomach, upper legs). It's a sudden sharp stabbing pain that comes and goes, throbs.



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