Sharp Pains Inside

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abby - November 7

I have been having these sharp pains inside around my cervix that just started to get worse. It is almost unbearable when I stand up and walk. I went to the doctor on Friday, and I was dialated to 1...not usre if that has anything to do with it. It is also much worse when the baby stretches and pushes downward. Anyone else have this, and what is it from?


Christine - November 7

I had this dr. said it's the baby getting lower and hitting some nerves...goodluck. I was due last Friday...still waiting


Marivic - November 7

Oh MAN I know exactly what you're talking about. I see my OB tomorrow otherwise I'd be going nuts. How far along are you? I'm 35w4d, but the baby was measuring 6 lbs. 4 oz. a week and a half ago so I'm hoping it's not too much longer!


sheree - November 7

It's just bub sitting on or kicking the nerves and it probably has alot to do with bub putting pressure on ur pelvic too, it's not nice i know and there really isn't anything u can do, the only thing i found that helped was a hot bath and then when i got out it was back so it only helps when ur in there but it better then nothing, hope bub comes soon for u and good luck.


abby - November 7

Marivic- I am due on the 26th of this month- can't wait! Hope you don't have much longer to go, too. Good luck!


Elizabeth - November 7

Hi, my o.b. actually called those pains "hot poker" sticks, I have them often also, although I have not noticed any in the past few days. I am at 36 weeks and the dr. said three weeks ago that the baby was already head first and the pressure she is putting on the nerves causes that feeling. I guess it is a good sign that the baby is head first, but she could still turn herself around if she wants. That would be real pleasant feeling I'm sure.


Ashlie - November 7

I had the same thing when I was pregnant, doc said it was baby laying on a nerve. I ended up being induced a week early and baby was still high and not even in the birth ca___l yet, so I dont think that it meant the baby was dropping or that I was dialating and my pain was bad and I would get it a couple times a day and couldnt stand or walk and it even hurt to sit.



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