Sharp Vaginal Pain

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ataylor724 - July 7

I'm 35 wk 4 day and have been experiencing very sharp va___al pain for the past two days. It comes and goes, but has been coming more often today than yesterday. I'm also extremely swollen and have had a HUGE decrease in appet_te this past week. I've been having cramps in my lower abdomen, but they're not that severe and not in any pattern, they just come and go as they please. I had to switch doctors and insurance at the beginning of this month and my new doctor can not see me until Wed the 12th. I'm pretty sureit's nothing serious (my last appt was the 30th and my bp was low with no protein or any negative signs). I'm pretty sure that my body is just starting up for labor and I don't think I should call the doctor and we'll just bring it up on Wednesday. I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar symptoms... I guess just reassurance that everything is normal before I overreact (again like every first time mother lol) and that I'll be fine waiting another week. Also, is it normal to feel sharp pain during dilation and around 36 weeks?


clare - July 7

im with you on the pains!!! theyre awful i started to get them last week and since theyv got more painful its like bumps tryin to stick an arm out and wave lol. as far as i know its normal i was talking to my mother in law a awhile ago about it she had it through all 6 pregnancies and she said thers nowt you can do but grit ur teeth til its 32 weeks btw good luck xxxxxxxxxxx


Tanna - July 7

I always have some sort of pain down there, but these last few days I have had sharp, knife-stabbing-like pains very very low on the left. I push around down there sometimes if they are more jab-like, and the baby kinda' kicks me right there. I think he has a hand or something in a really bad place is all.


apr - July 9

Me too! I feel like an electric shock has gone through me there, usually I feel it when I am in bed, I have no idea why. But I usually cry out in pain. I am 37 weeks. Cant wait to have my baby soon.


eimear - July 10

Hiya! I'm getting similar pains all the time and the midwife said that the baby's head is right down and bobbing through the pelvis which can cause those pains. Also had a Urinary Tract Infection which is common if you're prone to kidney infections and I think that can often cause discomfort down there. Its a real gritty pain though, mines mainly when I'm mobile


krystina - July 10

i get those pains to ... usually when im standing alot like at work .. i dont know what it is =(


Catrina - July 10

Hi girls! I've been having sharp little twinges of pain down there as well, my book said that it's because the baby's head is engaged in the pelvis and she's turning her head. Which makes sense in my case since I'm nearly 39 weeks, but I'm not sure why you're having them, clare. Possibly just hard kicks and jabs? Ataylor, maybe your baby's head has engaged early? It said with first pregnancies the head can engage 2-4 weeks before birth, but I've heard some people say that their baby engaged and they were still pregnant 6 weeks later! So it could be that I suppose, couldn't it? Your doctor will be able to tell you at your next appt though so good luck! ;)


everthiki - July 10

Hi girls, I'm also with you on the pains!! Mine usually come when I am sitting, after I've been on my feet for a while. Sometimes even when I haven't been standing a long time. It is like twinges of pain...and sometimes I yell out or react abruptly...not the most comfortable. I am guessing it's the baby moving his head...i am 34 weeks and 3 days.



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