Shaven Or Unshaven

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k - April 28

Did you know that they used to make all women shave off their pubic hair before giving birth. It makes it easier for poss surgery, or when you rip or get cut stiching can be easier. I have heard it is easier to keep clean when you bleed alot afterwards too. I shaved, but it was difficult because you can not see that area anymore your tummy gets in the way. Anyone else going to shave too or am I just crazy!


Lynn - April 28

I plan on shaving... I shave regularly before becoming pregnant. If I can't do it myself then my husband will do it for me!


Kymmi - April 28

Well, I'm a shaver anyway. I can't stand hair,,,,, especially pubic hair!! I shaved before I was pregnant, during my pregnancy and will continue doing so afterwards. Once I started getting too big to actually see what I was doing, I got a handheld mirror and held it down there and used that for my guide.


Melissa - April 28

I want to shave so bad, but I can't see it and afraid to cut myself using a mirror. I asked my husband and he wont do it. Will doctors shave for you at the hospital?


Ginger - April 28

Get waxed. Tons better than shaving. Some say it hurts, but only a few seconds and I only have to go back once every three months. It's great!


Kymmi - April 29

I do not believe that when you get waxed, they can wax the entire thing, especially near the bottom. You could always try the mirror thing, it's easier than it sounds. If anything, do you have a full length mirror in any of the rooms?? You can always sit in front of that with a bowl of water and shaving cream? Just a suggestion! I am not sure if they still shave you at the hospital anymore? I would think they should. I had already shaved before I went so I didn't have to worry about it. Good luck to you!


mel - April 29

i shaved before pregnancy and now i shaved once after but i do feel emberessed when the time comes for labor the doctors will see a bad job i hope my husband will do a better job when i ask him this weekend to do a better job


Jessica - April 29

I would love to shave but can't reach.... I'd ask my hubby to do it but well not sure how good he'd be with a razor down there.. Maybe I'll just get the clippers out...


Jessica - April 29

And even if you can't get it done, don't worry about it. I am sure the doctors will understand... I have a hard time trying to wipe myself after I pee...


Erica - April 29

I'm like Kymmi; a hand-held mirror works wonders, although these days it's like trying to shave the other side of the mountain. I try to keep the landscape properly trimmed if I'm going to an OB appointment that requires me to "drop trou." I'm sure those poor doctors see some pretty rank and rampant rainforest on a daily basis (and that's probably why they get paid the big bucks!) so hey, I'm just doing my part as a good pregnant citizen. ;)


C - May 2

I hope you all are not talking about being shaven BALD? I mean I trim and keep myself well groomed, but I have never gone into the hospital and been completly hairless down there!! In Canada here when you are in labor at the hospital they do not shave you as it is not necessary anymore. I would be so uncomfortable if I had no hair at all there (I would feel like a little girl!) lol


Robin - May 2

I think I am too. I haven't seen down there in 7 1/2 months my husband says he thinks I might be in danger of starting a forest fire!! The nerve of that man. I jokingly told him this was all his fault and for that, not joking, he will be shaving it off.


tara - May 2

I trust my husband with a lot of things but I could never ask himto shave me! I usually shave as well, and using a mirror has been great help but ofcourse uncomfortable with a big belly right in the way. I'm sure Doctors have seen it all and will understand if it's messy down there! Think of all the women who go into labor unexpectedly and don't have time to do anything, and all the women who don't care to do anything down there.


Kymmi - May 2

C,,,,, of course I'm talking about BALD~ I like it that way. I used to do the "neatly trimmed" thing and then I did the "landing strip" thing,,,, finally, I did the "bald thing" and I think it's s_xy! I like the way it feels and I know my hubby appreciates not choking on a pube when he's down there (of course he's not right now b/c I'm too big for that),,,,,,, but even as my belly got bigger, I still found a way to get my handheld mirror and shave it all off!~ I like to keep it that way~


heather - May 2

To kymmi, yes waxing is great and yes they do remove ALL the hair, nice and smooth! Although I feel to uncomfortable to go now that I have gotten so huge. But I still find ways to go all smooth. Its just much cleaner!


crystal - May 2

I have shaved before i got pregnant and plan on being shaved when i go into labor. However my husband has been shaving down there for me since i am to big to see that area anymore.


C - May 2

Don't get me wrong...nothing bad about bald...I do the landing strip thing...hehe but I did try bald, I found I was always sweating though, my guess was no hair to absorb anything? I know overgrown forests are bad...however I like the close trim I gets harder as I get bigger because I can't see! lol But I will try the mirror advice....thx!



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