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Lauren - February 21

Just wondering if you or any of your dh's shaved down below for you before going into labor or did you just let it grow and not worry about it?


maya - February 21

still early for me to think about shaving for labor. but my hubby shaves me on occasion, plus I wax. why?? it is definately more pleasurable for all purposes to not have hair abunding in that region.


KLC - February 21

It is so funny that you should ask this question!!! I always shave completely down there and I went to do it last week (I am 33 weeks) and I couldn't!!!! I couldn't see anything. My hubby had to finish it for me. The funniest thing about it was that he thought it was great!!!


BabyGirl - February 21

Not for me. Yeah its hard to see... but i would never let my hubby to that for me ... yucky


mel - February 21

single mom with my first, so there was noone to shave me. I'm sure I resembled a sasquatch by the time I gave birth and it defiantely made things "messier" down there as far as healing and all the bleeding that takes place after giving birth. dh keeps me trimmed up this round and we'll be "going bare" on the big day! ha


yungmama - February 21

I am 28 wks and cannot see or reach down there. I don't know if I would trust my bf with a razor down there. He cuts hisself all the time shaving.


Holly - February 21

Just a suggestion. Remington makes a trimmer with a bunch of different attachments. I can't see down there anymore, but I take this thing and get a pretty close buzz cut. I am not bare but close to it and I am happy with the results. No cuts either and no worries about cutting yourself. Also you don't need anyone to do it for you. They are like 20 bucks at walmart.


Girl Gilly - February 21

I am at 35 weeks and will likely have my husband help trim things up down there as we get closer. I needed some help a couple weeks ago and he was way too tentative with the razor! Yungmama - you made me laugh - thanks. I think my husband was relieved when I took the razor away from him. I think when the times comes I will just do a bit of a trim and not a full shave for both our comfort levels!


Kel - February 21

I plan to trim up close to my due date. Its been so hard lately, that I kind of gave up. I can't see down there anymore, so I think that is why I stopped caring - ha ha! The times I did shave while I was pregnant, I ended up getting an infected hair follicle (which hurt like a b*tch!!!), so I will just give it a trim, cause I really don't want that back after the baby is born with all the other lovely things that will be going on down there. Heck, I'm nervous to trim it just in case. I got it like three times since I became pregnant.


JennyC - February 21

Actually, I hadn't thought about it, but now, I'll just put it down as something else to worry about! I usually only keep it trimmed, not really shaved, but the last few months I haven't been able to see down there and have just let it go. ick, I know. guess I'll do my best to trim it up a bit as the date gets closer. I'll see what hubby thinks about helping. I know he'd do it if I asked him, but I doubt he'll volunteer.


Monika - February 21

I've always shaved completely down there, so this pregnancy has been quite challenging this this department. I'm 38 weeks now and went last few weeks without shaving when I couldn't see down there anymore. Just couple of days ago I couldn't handle it anymore. I went to the bathroom and with the help of 2 mirrors and half an hour of my precious time I walked out of the bathroom a winner. You can definitely do it, but be careful and have some patience.


kd - February 21

I love this one....I do it by memorization and it's quite scary...but me and my hubby have a good laugh when I'm it crooked?? I've never gone bald (reminds me of a kids "pee pee", jsut not for me) but like to have it groomed of course....I joke with my hubby about helping me, I think he's anxiously waiting the actually invite!!


katie - February 21

I ve been having the same problem. I always shave bare but I cant see anything! I ve tried to just let it go but after a week i cant take it anymore. my bf tells me not to worry about it but im not doing it for him i just feel too messy letting the whole thing go. But maybe i ll try just trimming it. But you do have a point mel, i didnt really think about what it would be like after but now i will. My bf has offered to help but im not sure if thats such a good idea b/c he really doesnt shave with a razor on himself.


Tess - February 21

This might sound ODD but do you really have to shave down there before goin into labor (v____al)? Im curious....this is my 1st baby and Im not sure what to do.


Lauren - February 22

Tess - I hope this helps you too. Thanks for your responses!! I think I will be getting dh to do the deed down there and maybe as a reward *hint hint wink wink* for cleaning it up.! LOL!!!


js - February 22

No, Tess, you don't - some women just keep things neat and tidy - others go au natural... Preference is your alone :)


MJM - February 22

My dh would not even go there. He was afraid of nicking something of importance (that is how he put it). I shaved through out my whole pg. I would do it by feel or stand in front of the mirror.



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