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tk07 - September 27

My little girl is finally here! She came on Sunday, it was a long horrible delivery for the most part. I had contractions starting about 5am got to the hospital about 9am and was at 4cm and fully effaced. A few hours later got an epidural. By about 3-4pm i was ready to push and pushed for 3.5 hours and she was stuck! but she was too far down the Dr said to do a c-section and too far up to use a vaccuum.... so that left the horrible forceps :( but there wasn't much else i guess. that whole thing was pretty traumatic for me and dh and baby. so she was born at 7:27pm and she was face up which nobody knew beforehand. We got back in the room and found out she was breathing very fast so they took her into the nicu for the night and she is still there and will be for at least another week. it is the worst feeling ever to go home without your baby. apparently during delivery she got some nerve damage and it is affecting her diaphragm and right shoulder area. so it is a wait and see if it will heal on its own or not. so please say a prayer for her to heal quickly! her name is Ella Grace and we have a few pics up at babykusina . com hope everyone has a better delivery than me!!!!


kimberly - September 27

Congratulations!! I will pray for your dd! I hope she is better soon!


andrea21 - September 27

Congratulations on your baby girl! I will also pray for her to get better soon and be in your arms at home. God bless.


afireinsideamanda - September 27

i will pray for your dd. i cant wait to see her, im sure shes beautiful, and im so sorry to hear it wasnt a good experience.


sarah21 - September 27

I will be praying she gets better. Ella Grace is a beautiful name.


wantanotheraftertr - September 27

Congrats! I will pray shes home soon and that everything gets better on its own!


docbytch - September 27

Wishing good thoughts for your little baby girl!!! Her name is very pretty...kind of cla__sic sounding :)


missy046 - September 28

I too love the name. I will keep you all in my prayers. God Bless!!


chickiepoo9 - September 28

I saw her pics she is beautiful congrats!


tarheelfan71 - September 28

Congrats on your little girl. I will pray that she gets well very soon.


jen327 - September 28

Congratulations on your baby. My son was born full term too and spent 10 says in the NICU. It is very hard to go through that, and I will keep your baby and family in my prayers. Keep your chin up and just try and spend as much time as you can with your LO.


liltif - September 28

Congrats!! I will say a prayer for her! I pray she is healed very soon and gets to come home this week!


tk07 - September 28

thanks everyone. it has been really hard to go there and leave her everyday, several times a day. it is killing me that i can't do the normal things with her and i can't take care of her. i am trying to stay up beat but it is so hard. plus with extra hormones and all... she will be there at least another week so that really sucks. but thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! it really makes me feel better :)


Mrs.W. - September 28

Congratulations! Sorry it was such a traumatic experience for you and hubby and baby! But I'm sure she'll be fine and you'll get to take her home soon!


angie m - September 28

CONGRATULATIONS! Sorry to hear you had such a traumatic experience and had to go home will leaving your little girl in the hospital. I will keep Ella and you in my prayers. Take care.


WP - September 28

Congratulations, tk07! I wish you both a healthy recovery through this time.


Buffi R. - October 1

Hey TK, congratulations on your birth! Sorry I didn't send my wishes sooner; I'm getting caught up on old posts. I know how you feel about having to leave your lo in the hospital. I had a preemie with my first, and to make a long story short, he spent 12 weeks in a large city hospital before he came home. I know you won't have to wait that long, but there is a silver lining to bringing your baby home a little late. You'll get lots of practice caring for your baby under the watchful (helpful) eyes of the nurses, and by the time she comes home you'll feel more at ease. I couldn't have imagined coming home with my baby after the usual two days. I wouldn't have know what to do! :-)



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