Shin Splints Or Is It Splits

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ataylor724 - May 16

I've been getting horrible shin splints (or splits whichever it is) for the past couple of weeks. I've looked everywhere and nowhere indicates them as a symptom of pregnancy, yet I think it has to be. The last time I got them was when I was runner back in high school, but then I was running miles everyday and they still weren't as bad. Does anyone else have this problem? I have to ice my legs each night and feel like such a wimp, but they really do hurt! The only other explanation I can think of is that I normally wear 3-4 inch heels and now am wearing solely flip flop sandals; could this be the cause? Whatever it is if not pregnancy I'd like to know so I can stop doing it! lol


Steph - May 16

I've never heard of them as a sign of pregnancy...I'd say it's your shoes.


Been There - May 16

I don't think that's a symptom of pregnancy. It's probably the change in levels of shoe. If you only wear heels, now your stretching your muscles. You should probably do some type of exercises to help them get used to being stretched. But you should probably continue to do so even after the pregnancy. I saw a show or news report or something like that about high heels and what wearing only those types of shoes can do to the legs. Keeping those muscles stretched is important. Once your muscles adjust, you should be fine.


ataylor724 - May 16

Thanks ladies. I've been doing the stretches where you stand up against a wall and go on your toes, hopefully they'll pay off soon. I don't always wear the heels lol, I just went from switching between high and low to only low. I just realized that made me look like a go-go dancer or something haha


Chrissy - May 16

They are called shin splints, you were right. I can actually help you out a little bit here because I'm a therapist and deal with injuries like this all the time. Been There is right, stretching is really important. Make sure to hold your stretches for at least 30 seconds. It is hard to stretch this area because it actually requires you to flex the foot way forward. You can use your hands to stretch them and ma__sage them, and icing helps too. Just make sure not to ice before you stretch. You don't want to stretch a cold muscle. You could do heat for 10 minutes, stretch, then ice for 15 minutes. Shin splints are just strain of the long flexor muscles of the toes, and it make sense that your getting them after switching to flip flops because your muscles are getting stretched and used differently. If you can, get a shoe with some support because flip flops are killers on the arches and could also be causing you some pain because there is nothing absorbing the shock from your weight (even if your tiny) and from when you walk. You really need something to absorb that shock, or you could end up with foot problems, like plantar fascitis too. Good luck! I agree, they are painful, I used to get them all the time from running until I got orthotic inserts for my running shoes! :)



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