Shooting Pain Down There

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tjay - October 27

the other night I was sitting in bed and had this shooting pain occur several times internally but down there, it made me shift positions and make a noise it was so painful. Haven't had any since but was wondering if anyone else has had this? Was it the baby on a nerve or maybe my cervix starting to lighten? I am 35 wks, please help?


Charity - October 27

I'm 27 weeks and I've been having that same pain. Just 20 min ago I had a bad one and was considering asking that same question. It's like a pain and sometimes it almost takes your breath away.


Angie - October 27

I have this pain too. I got it and then it went away for about a month or 2 and now it is back again. I have heard that it is your ligaments stretching and the way you move affects how tight it is causing the pain.


Jo - October 27

That's your baby hitting the cervix.It's like being "goosed" up there, but it just means things are thinning out and your baby is moving lower.


tjay - October 27

Thanks Jo, you told me what I wanted to hear. I know that this is still a timely process but I would feel so much better knowing that something is happening! I knew it wasn't ligament pain, I've had that and though it was a shooting pain through out my abdomen I knew this wasn't that. It definately was my hoo hoo that hurt and as I mentioned it made me cry out an switch position.


Dani - October 27

I have had that pain too, it feels like the feeling if you put your finger in your belly b___ton. Kinda a tingly feeling in your v____a. I havent had mine make a noise though...?? I do know ive heard a different pop and the dr. said it was the round ligament popping.


To Dani - October 28

the pain didn't make a noise, I made the noise when I felt - I would of called the doctor!


Dani - October 28

Derrrr- Pregnancy brains..Sorry! Well i know when your round ligament pops you can hear it.. im a dork! LOL



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