Shooting Pain In My Crotch Ouch Anyone Else

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tritty - January 25

this is so odd but lately i've had a shooting pain in my crotch. it feels like my baby is sticking her hand into my va___a and scratching me with her fingernails. i obviously know this isn't the case BUT... that's the best way i can describe the feeling. am i just strange or does anyone else have this? i have no idea what it is or what it means. any advice or info would be appreciated!


DDT - January 25

I've had this shooting pain for a while...couple of weeks now (Im 36w4d). I get it a couple times a day...sometimes its more painful than other times. Apparently its baby's head pushing on the cervix.


tritty - January 25

i hope it's the baby's head because at my last appt she was still a little high so maybe that means she is moving down a little bit. it's really funny because i'll be just walking along and then.... OUCH! i get that pain and then it goes away. pregnancy is such a wonderful thing :)


mamagoose - January 25

That started happening to me right around the time the baby dropped- it's just like DDT said, the baby's head pushing on a nerve bundle in the cervix. Mine get pretty painful, like I'm being stabbed by a knife sometimes! Good fun.


lilnikki_0384 - January 25

I feel the same way lately, I am 2cm dilated and 38wks5d. I can't stand it, I know exactly what all of you are talking about.


ShaunaLeigh - January 28

haha that's weird because I was also wandering the same thing, gotta love this site, you guys are so helpful.. i couldnt figure out what would cause pain to shoot down there! Thought I broken or something :p


Sonrisa - January 28

I am 33 wks and am having it as well. The doctor said that the baby's head is in place now.


kades_momma - January 28

I am 38 weeks and yulp DDT is right it is the baby pushing on the cervix.


SaraH - January 29

It sounds like it's just the baby kicking/punching downward and hitting nerves. I get it too and it's a normal pregnancy thing. Or as some of the others said it could also be due to the head pushing on these same nerves in the cervix and such.


mary b - January 31

I have been getting those pains too...does that mean the baby has dropped? When did your babies drop?? PS -i'm 35 wks


HEATHER - January 31

I totally have been getting those sensations for the last few days even more! and I notice the baby is not moving much at all.


mom2be417 - February 1

When is the earliest you started feeling this? I've had tremendous pain/pressure in that area for about 2 weeks now and I am only at 30 weeks. Is that normal??


MommyMeg07 - February 1

Doesn't mean that the baby has dropped, b/c I have been getting SHARP shooting pains down there very frequently and my baby is still really high



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