Shooting Vaginal Pain

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Cabbie - May 30

Ladies, I am on baby #3. I am 38 weeks. I have started over the last few days having a shooting pain that starts in the pelvic region and goes down through the va___a. It is not constant. If it happens, it only happens when I am standing up from a sitting/lying position or walking. It doesn't hurt when I am sitting still. I had BV earlier on in pregnancy and am starting to wonder if it isn't back. I have an appt in two days and a schedule section next Thurs. Anyone with any similar experience? I have had contractions for the past few weeks and are getting a lot harder but not closer together. They are really close together for a while and then lengthen and disappear. I have informed my dr of the contractions. I had to have a non stress test because of a fall and the contractions showed up strongly on this test but baby doesnt' seem to mind. Anyway, any input on the shooting pain would be great (whether it may be the beginning of labor, infection, etc.).


krista-lee - May 30

this is my 1st pregnancy and i get that sharp pain too whenever i stand up from sitting or lying for a whole. i asked my dcotor and he said it was from the pressure the baby was putting on the pelvis. when you sit down or lay down the pressure is evened out and when you stand up its all on the pelvis, so it hurts : ]


Cabbie - May 30

Great, I have never had this pain before with my two girls. This boy is really making me have pains like my others didn't! I had labor with my second but only briefly as they took me right in for my section after my water broke. This guy is taking me down roads I've never been! Thanks!


Been There - May 30

LOL, Cabbie! You sound just like me. My first boy is also cutting up in there. He causes me some serious pain in that area sometimes and it feels like a shooting pain. Or he aims for the belly b___ton as well. I picture him reaching above his head, maybe just feeling his head at first, then reaching further up just to see what's up (or should I say down) there.


3babies - May 30

Hi Cabbie, I would think if it was the BV that you would usually have discharge change a__sociated with it. When you get this pain are you having a contraction at the same time? If not then I think it is just bubs giving you a poke in the cervix which refers pain to the v____a. This is my third baby too and that is what happens to me. With my second son I felt like he was going to stick his hand out any minute! Anyway, if you are having a contraction when you feel the pain it could be causing dilation, so I would get it checked out. You dont want to end up with an emergency c/s if you dont have to!



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