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Bonnie - August 7

I'm 30 weeks along and for the last while I have noticed I really feel short of breath. I don't do any exercising, just work (waitressing). But just when I'm lying down at night watching TV it feels hard to breathe. Lying on my side or back, it feels like someone is sitting on my chest, crushing my lungs. Is this normal??


Sonya - August 7

I guess so, I have been having this too. Sometimes when I am up moving around, other times when I am lying down. I even went to a pulmonary Dr. because when this started my OB said it couldn't be the baby pushing on my lungs yet. The specialist did some tests and said I was fine. Well, obviously I am not, but I guess I feel better knowing they chekced my breathing output and I am good. The Dr. said it can be caused by anemia or acid reflux. I hope yours gets better.


me - August 7

Bonnie- it's your baby pushing everything up in your belly, you will see that after when the baby drops a little I was the same way, I am 37wks and it has changed a little.


Staci - August 7

I ahve it really bad, i think its normal, your internal ograns are squishe upwards, including your stomach, lungs and diaphragm. Its not a great feeling, but I think its normal. Its made worse by acid reflux or asthma, which I have both.


Ranya - August 7

I think it's worse when you lie on your back because in that position you apply pressure on major blood carrying arteries...when it happens I try to relax and lie on my left side. I think low blood pressure is also a culprit.


Bonnie - August 8

Is there any way to 'adjust' the baby to make to easier to breathe?! Sometimes I'm totally fine, but other times it feels like I just ran a marathon and have a hard time catching my breath. I do have a mild case of asthma and I smoked for 10 years before I found out I was pregnant, so I suppose that doesn't help much. But it can't be good for you when you can't breathe properly ... not to mention it's very annoying!! I get it sitting up also, but mostly lying down, weather it's on my side or back. Makes it VERY hard to sleep!!


liz - August 8

Yes it is normal, when you lie on your back you feel out of breathe. Basically the stomach is pushed upward, that's why it feels like that. They say the best side to lie on is the left. It works for me, especially after a days work



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