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Tammy276 - January 27

Hey ladies. I know I am probably just over reacting but thought I would get some opinions. I am currently 31w2d. This a.m. I was having some severe contractions. I was having a few after DH and I did the deed, but didn't think anything of it because I know its normal. Well, around 5:30 I woke up to contractions that were VERY painful and about 7 mins apart.....finally, around 7:00, I called the clinic and the Doctor on Call called me back. He told me to drink a lot of fluids over the next hour and if they didn't go away, they would have me come in and check my cervix. Luckily, they lightened up and started to go away, I am still having them but not as often as this a.m and they are not as painful...these now feel more like BH contractions whereas this a.m. they felt like real labor contractions. Now, I am noticing what looks like chuncks of my mucus plug coming out and my discharge seems to be more watery than normal ( I don't think it is from last night as it doesn't smell like "s_x"...sorry tmi!) what would you girls do? The doc told me to call back if they started up again or if experienced anything else, but I just don't want to bug him again w/ the discharge thing. I have my next appt. on Tuesday, so I am definately going to have my doctor check me then to see if I dialated at all......I am just hoping that this will not happen again before then. Have any of you experienced this?


Tammy276 - January 27



amya - January 30

Tammy- I am 32 weeks along and have been having pretty strong contractions as well....but my doc said that if they were'nt consistant that they are just Braxton Hicks....he also said that they can be painful at times. Sometimes my discharge is a lil' watery too. I have'nt had any reason to believe that it is diff. from norm. though. Hope this helps. Good luck!


SaraH - January 31

Tammy as you may know from my other posts, I've been having really hard BH contractions for a while now (make me feel nauseated, have to breath through, feel like I have to pee, etc. --they're pretty hard sometimes). Plus mine are often every 10-15 minutes for a couple hours. Normally though if they are that constant I drink a couple gla__ses of water and lie down on my side. Every time I do that they ease up -although they don't go away. I've talked to my doc and our general rule is if they don't ease up when I drink and lie down that I need to call the doc right away and probably go in. My doc also said that if I see anything that looks like the plug, any CM looking stuff (even if I don't know for sure that it’s the plug) or any bleeding (even supper light just pink tinged spotting) then I need to call ASAP and probably go in. If you think that you may be loosing the plug I'd definitely call the doc again. I understand not wanting to be a bother, but hey that's what the doc's are there for and you certainly don't want to risk your babies health. So, call them and double check. --Just so you know I too sometimes have water type discharge so that may not be a big deal, but I would certainly be concerned about the chucks. Hope all is okay, let us know. GL.


San - January 31

HI Tammy. I believe this isn't your first pregnancy so this may help you. With my second I had what they call an irritable is what it sounds like. I would have pretty severe BH starting in my back and working around to the front. It would last for 2-4 hrs and got to be unbearable at times. It wouldn't hurt to go to your L&D and get a NST, just to ease your mind a bit. Good luck!


chriss - January 31

I have had BH contractions since about wk 14, I am not 34 wks and they are really strong now, I find I have them more if I don't drink enough fluids throughout the day, they can be pretty painful, but do usually go away if I drink and lie down (on your left side is best) and relax for a while. I'm sort of scared that I won't know the difference between these and the real contractions when they come, but everyone a__sures me that I will definately know when the real ones start...................


Tammy276 - January 31

o.k....maybe I should have clarified more what I was asking about...I was asking more about being concerned if I was losing my mucus plug and the watery discharge (I thought maybe I could be leaking)...I have been having BH contractions since I was 18 weeks pregnant, so I know what those are like. Trust me, I am the water queen to try and keep them away, the only reason I called them it because they were ALOT more painful than the normal ones I get, and they were regular. I had my doc. appt. yesterday and they checked me and I am still closed and somewhat thick and they did the FFN test and it came back negative, so that eased my mind a lot!! She just said she was going to check me at every appt. from here on out so we can see when things start happening.



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