Should I Call L Amp D

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waiting100 - November 1

Hi ladies - I am 39 weeks 6 days pregnant - due this sunday. I am dilated to a 3 and 100% effaced. I have been losing mucous plug for about 2 weeks now....for the past 2 days parts of the plug that are coming out or tinged with blood instead of the brown......I am also leaking amniotic fluid for the past 2-3 seems not to be moving as much at you think I should call and possibly go on to see if everything is ok? The reason I hesitiate is because I have a very sick 18 month old at home with a fever--I have no family near me - and basically I am relying on a few close friends to take care of my baby while I am delivering or even at an appt with hubby.......I hate to leave him when he is so sick. What do you all think I should do? My next dr appt is next Tuesday. ?


Mommyoflittlegirl - November 1

waiting100, since you're not just loosing your mucus plug, but also leaking amniotic fluid, you need to call L&D as soon as you can. I understand its not easy with a sick baby at home, but I'd get it checked out. Good luck dear!


Tory1980 - November 1

I would be in L&D. I know how hard it is with having little ones at home when they are sick but the blood, amniotic fluid and decrease in movement needs to be checked asap.


Cevvin - November 1

You need to get checked out, there is a risk of infection to the baby if your losing amniotic fluid. Call your doc to get checked. I am also worried that i wont find anyone to take care of my little bub who will be 13 months when im due.


Brendansmom - November 1

I agree, call ASAP!!!! I'm sure your friends will take extra special care of your lo! Good luck!!!!


babylove4 - November 1

You can have Your baby any moment now, I'm sure Your friends will be there for You & understand...Take care & call L&D asap


durante baby - November 1

You need to go to L&D immediately if you are leaking fluid!!! You are very prone to infection right now!!


durante baby - November 1

Seriously dont even bother calling JUST GO!!!



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