Should I Change OBs

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coco797 - November 5

I'm 32 weeks and I've been thinking of switching to another OB. My doctor has been working for like 20 years and he's very knowledgable. However, being that he's seen it all, sometimes it seems like he takes my concerns very lightly. At my last visit I mentioned that my ankles had swelled substantially all of a sudden (idk...I just read that if that happens, you should notify for OB) and he just told me that it's normal and it's only going to get worse. It seems like he brushes off my concerns and just tells me that it's normal. But how should I know that? This is my first pregnancy!! oh...also, after my glucose test, he said he would call me to tell me if it was abnormal and since no one called me, I thought I was ok. Come to find out, it was abnormal and I had to take my 3 hour test. No one called me to tell me. I fouind out at my last visit. When I brought up the fact that he forgot to call me, he said he still had alot of people to call back, implying that he's busy and that justified not telling me that I had not passed my glucose test. Also, when I asked about pediatricians, he gave me recommendations, but also said that doctors don't have time and not to go bothering them for consultations. He said the doctors might "put on a show", meaning that they might answer my questions badly since they don't want to take on a new patient that asks too many questions or bothers them. I've been going to this doctor for almost 10 years, and never had a problem until I got pregnant. Am I being to sensative? Please help


tish212 - November 5

my opinion...u need to be as happy and as comfortable in ur pregnancy as possible....therefore if u feel ur OB isn't cutting it u can switch. u should good after asking a question...meaning u should feel u have an answer that satisfies ur concerns. Your dr does sound quite insensative....which I would get irritated with....and as far as peds go...yes u should consult with them this is the dr ur planning on having for ur baby.... the one I chose was happy to take us (me and hubby) in and talk to us ad I can happily say I am impressed with him! and I like my drs office...I have 2 obs and a I get to see several sides of things...and if I feel more comfortable with one dr then another...then I get to schedule with the other 2...and urs ankles swelling while normal should still be looked at if it happened suddenly....I would change if I were I said u should feel like all ur questions are answered appropriately...and to me it seems u should have a more sensative dr... gl let us know what u chose.


Tory1980 - November 5

Sudden swelling is a cause for concern, especially if there is an increase in BP and protein in the urine. All swelling however needs to be mentioned. As for not calling you back with a failed glucose test, being busy is not as excuse. Saying that if you stay with this Doctor I would be calling them after every test to make sure. Personally if he is like this before you deliver I dread to think what he would be like after the baby is born. If you really aren't happy I would change Doctors but you don't have much time to find one you like and trust. Sometimes Doctors do shrug off first time mums (they did with me when I was in labour at 34weeks until the checked me) but if you are concerned make sure they listen. First pregnancy or not sometimes mum knows best!


Krissy25 - November 5

You deserve better, my doctor always called me with my test results right away and she never made mr feel stupid for asking any questions. She took all my concerns seriously. As far as your pedi is concerned that is a bunch of c___p. A good doctor will take the time to meet you and talk with you before the baby is born. If they aren't taking new patients the office will simply tell you that.


coco797 - November 5

Do you think I should wait until after I give birth? It seems a little late in the pregnancy to be looking for a new doctor. I'm just a little worried that I'll have more concerns towards the end and he'll just shrug it off and tell me not to worry.


Krissy25 - November 5

Are there any other doctors in this practice you can see? If not ask some friends who have children who they used and see if they liked thier doctor or not. Make some phone calls, if you get a new doctor your records can be sent over.


babylove4 - November 5

Just imagine a patient who does have pregnancy problems, Does he not tell them& say he forgot? No pregnant woman should be treated that way, I love my Md as well, He's well known & busy too, He didn't tell me I was anemic & I am. I told him why He didn't say anything, He said it wasn't that bad & He didnt want me to worry. I simply told to please not withold info. like that with me anymore & He apologized. And It hasn't happened ever again. It's your health & You have the right to request copies of Your records & Find another Md asap. GL ((Keep us posted)))



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