Should I Go To EMERGENCY Room Now 30 Weeks

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S - October 14

Girls, I'm so scaared! for the last 2 days the fetal movement has been diminishing until last night, nothing at all. On bed, I had sweets and a glass of milk, and not even a sign half an hour later. Before, maybe one day I wouldn't feel it kicking, but that was the max. I called the doctor's office but there's a bunch of voicemails and automated stuff I couldn't understand. English is my second language. There is no sign, no nothing. It's 4 am in florida, what should I do? I was crying so much, didn't let my hub sleep.


pbj - October 14

I live in Florida as well... call the E.R., what is your first language? If it's Spanish most E.R.'s have Hispanic employees here in Florida. If you can hold out a few more hours wait to call your doctors office. I would insist on them giving you an ultrasound. If you have a hard time understanding English, I would get a family member of friend tell the doctor your concerns. Please let me know what happens and good luck


Ranya - October 14

S, any news? I hope you got to talk to your doctor by now or have gone to the ER...or do you know anyone who would have a doppler so you can listen to the heartbeat? I really hope all is well, if it makes you feel any better, my doctor told me that it takes 48 hrs of complete inactivity for something to be very wrong. Good luck and please let us know how you are doing, I'll say a prayer for you and your baby!!!


mariah - October 14

If ever you have a doubt about anything like this you shuld just go to the hospital. Don't feel silly. Women do it all the time. Better safe than sorry. I'm sure your baby is just having some quiet days. As long as you are feeling something. As the baby gets bigger they will move less. ANyways good luck. Let us know what happens


M - October 14

go to Labor and Delivery not the Er.... they will give you a stress test and you will feel better..



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