Should I Not Have A Baby Shower

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krista-lee - February 13

well im 25 weeks 3 days, due May 26th, and i was just wondering about a baby shower. right now i have: A Bassinett, a crib, a car seat, a swing, a high chair, and one of those bouncy play things they sit in. i also have furniture, and plenty of clothes (mom just had a baby a year ago, and i have all hers) so i was just wondering if maybe i should skip the shower, since i have basically all i will need?


Jamie - February 14

Nope, have the shower, you deserve it! Perhaps just add a line on the invitation such as "The only present required is the gift of your presence!" or something like that, to let people know you just want to celebrate the baby. A lot of times, people will bring diapers and other reuseable necessities to showers - besides, they're fun!


bean - February 14

I agree - have a shower! It's an occa__sion to get together, oohh and aahh over your belly, and have fun! I like Jamie's suggestion that you write in the invite. People will bring little gifts regardless, which you know you'll appreciate!


Marlene - February 14

I would ahve the shower. Its not just for the gifts its a good time to spend w/women that you are close w/ and celebrate the new baby!! Plus as much stuff as you think you have babies can never have too much!!


carola - February 14

i know lots of people who have had diaper showers, where people just give you diapers and wipes and stuff like that. You can never have enough of that.


Hi - February 14

I think you should have a shower and have people bring you a favorite childrens book as a gift. Make it a theme shower and that way you can have beautiful books to read to your baby.


hc - February 14

maybe you can have the shower after the baby comes, so instead of ohhing over stuff, everybody gets to meet your new little wonder - and you can still have the diaper theme which is very useful.


Heather F - February 14

I agree with the other ladies on this forum, there are things that can be given at your shower that donnot have anything to do with the stuff you already have - you can write a letter and include it in your invitation asking for formula, diapers, and books - or even just a donation to the babys college fund!


amy - February 15

Have a diaper shower ,no one can have too many diapers!!



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