Should You Invite Out Of Town Family To The Shower

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L - October 12

I don't want to offend anyone by not inviting them but I also don't want it to look like I'm soliciting gifts through the mail. Does anyone know the proper etiquette for this situation?


Tigerphoenix - October 12

I didn't for mine and only one person got mad. I don't really see the point if they arent going to make it. It's not like its a wedding where you have months in advance notice. But that is just my opinion.


Julie - October 12

For my wedding I just sent wedding invites to out of town gets but didn't send shower invites. A baby shower is more personal so unless they are a very close relative I wouldn't send invites.


pbj - October 12

I sent invites to aunts, first cousins and of course best friends that were out of town. I know none of them will come, but I wanted to be sure that they know that they are welcome. If it's close family I don't think they'll feel as though you're soliciting gifts...more than likely close relatives would send gifts anyway.


Alissa - October 12

I sent them invitaions to be nice if they couldn't make it they still knew i was thinking of them.


Christy - October 12

I sent invites to a few close to me but out-of-town friends because I knew that they would be offended if I didn't. If you aren't particularly close someone, I would not send the invite since it kind of looks like gift solicitation.


Kaeli - October 12

I moved to a new state about 3 months before I got pregnant, so most of my friends were out of town. My aunt is the one throwing me my shower (she lives locally) but she insisted that I sent my out of state friends invitations so they didnt feel left out. I dont expect them to show up and told them not to worry about gifts. So to me, its allll good!


kr - October 12

I've been having the same question. I talked to my mother, and she knows a few relatives who want them (aunts, grandparents, etc.). These relatives (from what I guess) will send the person who is throwing my shower money for a gift they have already picked out, but can not ship. For the rest of my famliy and others who are out of town, we will just send birth anouncements when the baby comes. Doing that can cut down on the confusion or weird feelings you may have.


Angela - October 13

I only sent invites to relatives within driving distance. I thought it would look like I was soliciting for gifts. I don't think they'll have their feelings hurt since there's no way they can come.


Tara - October 13

I just invited family and friends and on the invites told them if they could make it great if not don't worry about it and not to worry about sending gifts the baby had more then enough stuff.


h - October 13

i didn't send any to my out of state relatives, and all of my family lives out of state. They aren't the type of people that get offended by that. I am not sure what your relatives are like but if you think they would be offended, and you want to save grace, send one out to them. In my opinion, the relatives that b___h about things like that are the ones who don't end up sending anything anyway:)


MJM - October 14

My sister in law sent me and invitation to her baby shower. However I live in Nevada and she lives in Washington State. I was offended and thought she just wanted a gift. She did the same thing to my aunt who lives in Wisconsin. So I would say it depends on how far away they live. I would say 2 hours or less of a DRIVE then invite.



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