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HeavenisMine - October 25

As some of you know I have really had no signs of the onset of labor, which I guess is okay, considering I am only 36wks3ds, but tonight I went pee for the millionth time and when I went to flush the toilet I looked down and there were these two big blobs of yellow mucous which looked stringy and had very noticible blood in them. I have had no other bouts of that since. That's most likely what they call the 'bloody show' right? Could some of you give me some experiences with it, what it was like and how long labor took afterwards? Thank you! I still feel like it will be centuries away.


DDT - October 25

I was having menstral-like cramping when I has my bloody show. It was a you describe...yellowy-snot-like mucus with red streaks of blood in it. My menstral-like cramps turned into contractions very soon after. My water broke about 2hrs after my bloody show.


Tory1980 - October 26

With blood in it it can signify labour is due to start soon as the cervix is starting to stretch. It is possible to lose the plug but have no blood in it. For some women though it can still be weeks before you go into labour, for others it can take a few hours. A lot depends on the woman. For me it took nearlly two days to deliver - but I didn't register I was in labour. It was only looking back that I figured the inrease in CM with a pink tinge was my 'show'. I was just under 34weeks. My second I lost after labour had started and my third I lost AFTER my waters had gone! Good luck!


HeavenisMine - October 26

Thank you ladies! I am having no contractions whatsoever, no more discharge and only a few slight cramps, but I have had those since last night, no change in intensity, no back pain, so I figure it's still a ways away for me. I have a doctor's appointment at 2:45 this afternoon, I will keep you posted as to how it goes. I just want some answers about my cervix. I am not a doctor so I have no clue what is going on in there. All I can tell is it has changed, but I am not going to go poking and prodding at it.


HeavenisMine - October 26

Well as it turns out I am only a finger tip dilated, so I figured as much...this is going to take a long time isn't it?


AmberNicole - October 26

HeavenisMine - With my ds I was 36 weeks, and lost my mucous plug. I, too, was only a fingertip dilated, however my water started leaking within a day and I was having minor contractions. I never did dilate anymore than fingertip after 17 hours, but that's just me. In my case, it led to labor right away.


HeavenisMine - October 26

That's such a nice thing to hear when you feel discouraged. I always heard at only a fingertip it could take you past your due date. I am so uncomfortable, andjust want one night of good sleep. Thank you for sharing that though:)


jenna32 - October 27

i know this is tmi and grosse but if you wipe front to back it could be from having those hemroids,so it appears blood is in that part instead. i got them for the first time ever in the last few weeks and i wiped and there was blood,grosse. It's gotten much better then it was though.


AmberNicole - October 27

Thank goodness I don't have that problem, jenna:( Sounds unpleasant! Actually, mine is quite the opposite, I keep having to make emergency visits to the bathroom:(



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