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Robin - February 9

I am pregnant with my 1st and I am having a girl. I just had my 1st shower a couple days ago and I received a lot of clothes! I am soooo excited and they are all so cute! I didn't receive anything off my baby registry though. So, my question is...for the next one is there any way at all to get the word out that baby clothes are not needed? Any ideas on how to get people to buy off my registry?


bean - February 9

Robin - have the invites for the second one gone out yet? Did the invites list the places at which you're registered? I snuck a peak at the invites for my shower (in 2 weeks) and they did list the stores. Of course I've been checking the online registries and I'm really pleasantly surprised! I'm also afraid of getting a ton of clothes and blankets, so I casually hint to everyone (my Mom, my friends, the hostess, etc) that I have SO MANY blankets and clothes. I really don't, but I fear that if I don't suggest it then I'll get way too many.


To Bean - February 9

The invites have not gone out yet for the next shower and the place where I am registered was on the 1st shower invites! I was thinking I could have a "no baby clothes" theme for the nest one...


bean - February 9

Although that sounds like a wonderful idea, I think it might be kinda mean. People LOVE getting baby clothes. Telling them specifically not to takes all the fun out of shopping. Can you discretely ask for gift receipts so you can take a lot of the clothes back and get things you really need? Or maybe ask the hostess to do something like is popular for wedding showers - have themes like a diapering theme, a bathing theme, a sleeping theme, a going out theme, etc - and try to encourage people to get you a diaper pail, diapers, bum lotion, etc... Just a thought...


K - February 9

I went to my girlfriends shower a few weeks ago and the same thing happened her mom and myself were the only ones to buy off her registry. It's a concern of mine as I have one in a few weeks also. I thought a theme thing like "the necessities" and making sure they have the places we registered on there.


amb - February 9

hey everyone, just thought id add to the theme idea. thats what my friend did for mine and it worked really well. I think i got 6-7 outfits total. it was great but as you guys only one person bought off my registery!


Rosy - February 9

I also have the same question, I got tons of newborn and some little outfits that are not going to be very useful in my first shower. Is it ok for my next one to put on the invites where I am registered? The friend organizing the shower sent me a draft, but didn't include the register :(


Robin - February 9

After I posted my question, I talked to my sister-in-law. She had such a cute idea! She said to put a little teddy bear somewhere on the invitation and t_tle it a "Bear Necessities Shower". To: Rosy, It is perfectly fine to put where you are registered on the invitatons!


val - February 9

It seems like a lot of people don't get hardly anything off their registries...I don't understand why people do that! I always try to buy off registries, and if I want to get clothes, I make sure to get a couple outfits AND some things off the registry they need. My mother in law told me flat out that she doesn't want to get me anything but clothes, not even toys which she usually goes crazy buying...she said nobody wants to buy the boring stuff like mattress pads and diapers and bath stuff. My shower is in a little over 2 weeks, I'm pretty anxious to see what people get. So far I know my dh's grandparents didn't buy off the registries, because his mother said they already got the gift and nothing has been taken off the registries. But this being the first grandaughter in the family, my family has been going crazy buying clothes already, so I don't need any clothes...but it sounds like that is all I am going to get at the shower! When I threw my friend's shower, she didn't get anything off her registry except what my mom and I got her, and I even wrote on the invitations where she was registered. Also, my cousin didn't get anything off her registries except what my mom and I got her, and it was also written on her invitations where she was registered. I think the themed idea sounds like a really good idea...I have a feeling that wouldn't work for my dh's family though, because my mother in law told me she is invited to a baby shower that asks everyone to bring a pack of diapers on the invitation and she thinks that is incredibly rude.


Rosy - February 9

It's sad if they don't use the registry, because you spend a good amount of time selecting the gifts and then you get things that are not useful, My baby is due in april (still cold where I live) and I got a newborn jumper, the kind you use for the beach, I don't know sometimes what people think, I always try to buy things from the registry, or give a gift recipt. I'm hoping I don't get baby clothes, or at least if I get them that I get carters, they accept clothes back at the stores withouth a receipt and give you a store credit.


To: Rosy - February 9

If you don't mind me asking, where are you from? I am also due in April and I live in Utah (very cold as well!)-Robin


sparkles - February 9

My family is putting a gift list in my shower invites of baby items I could use. The list is specifically saying that I have plenty of baby clothes, so people can get the hint that clothes are not needed. Of course there will be people who can't resist buying clothes for you, but I don't think it's tacky or rude to be specific about what you need and want. If people are going to give you something, it might as well be something of use to you.


Rosy - February 10

I live in PA, not as cold as utah, but you still need a good sweater and long sleeves :)


mn - February 11

Robin- From what i have seen you are right. I have not had my shower yet, but all the shower's I have gone to.......its clothes, clothes, and more clothes. What makes it worse is that a baby only uses those clothes for a few months. Your constantly having to buy new stuff as they grow. If you cant or dont want to tell people not to get clothes.....maybe you can at least encourage people to buy for different stages (ex: 0-3months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, e.t.c.). That way you wont get all 0-3months, and then next thing you know........he/she had outgrown them all w/o using some. Just a thought. The only time I have not seen a shower with ALL the gifts being clothes/blankets is my cousins who did not find out the s_x of the baby. Since most baby clothes are boy or girl oriented....people were forced to find other stuff. Unfortunately, thats not enough for me not to want to find out the gender, but just thought I would add that in


boycotting registries... - February 11

Hey everyone, Be glad you're having a shower at all!! Being the youngest of 6 children... my siblings have all given me the things they don't use anymore for their kids. My sister was going to have a shower in January for me (I'm due Feb 27)... but then she decided she wanted to have it AFTER the baby is born... like in APRIL .. which I specifically didn't want -- who wants to play pa__s a newborn in cold/flu season?? Anyhow... my mom is no help... she tells everyone... "SHE DOESN"T NEED A SHOWER... SHE HAS EVERYTHING"... while we have a bunch of stuff... we would like a shower... we'd like to have at least SOME new stuff for the baby! My mom wouldn't even register with me... says I have everything... and registries are a RUDE way to ask for presents. Funny - she never said that when I registered for the wedding!! I found out my MIL is having a shower next week for me (shhh its a surprise! LOL)... I told my mom I really want a pack and play... she told me... "I have one for you from when Sarah was a baby"... Sarah is now 17 years old :( ......... Bet my sister doesn't even do the shower for me in April -- I'll probably tell her... "don't bother -- I have everything now" because by then... I will!!


Bump - February 13



jessb - February 14

I good idea is to put on the invitations bring a pack of diapers or wipes to enter to win a prize!! That way at least you get something you needs besides alot of baby clothes. You put everyones name that brought the diaper and wipes in a hat and the mom to be draws a name and that person wins a prize. I dont know what to tell you about the other stuff on your registry. For some reason people just dont buy stuff from the registry- I dont know why.



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