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kr - October 4

Hi ladies, Has anyone had their shower yet? What games went over well? Is there any other activities that the whole crowd could enjoy? Thanks in advance


Tigerphoenix - October 4

At my baby shower we played a couple diffrent games. One was a word search that you had five minutes to complete. Another was figuring out what characters came from what nursery rhymes. But my favorite was where everyone was given some yarn and had to cut a peice to guess how big my belly was. hehe I wasn't surprised when my grandmother won that one. She used to make us knitted sweaters without ever measuring us and they always fit perfectly! lol Oh BTW you can go to party stores and in the section with all the baby stuff they will have books with diffrent games you can play. =)


Barb - October 4

one of the games that went over well at my shower was the "bingo" game. Make up a bingo board (on paper) on everyone gets one and what they do is write in each square what they think you will get for your baby (the gifts) and as you open your gifts, they mark off the spot on their paper until they get a bingo! Not only is it fun...but it keeps everyone interested in what you're opening and involved instead of just sitting thee watching you...GREAT game!!! let me know if I explained that well


Tara - October 4

I'm getting ready for my shower Saturday.There are a few word searches etc. we're going to do and measure my tummy with string..they have to cut string that they think will fit who's is closest wins..also an outside game is take water balloons and have the ladies race with them between their knees and who's water does'nt break before they get to the finish line wins..hope this helps


kr - October 4

Great! Now do any of you ladies have ideas for prizes? My sister plans to have a basket full of prizes for guests to choose from. What should we put in that basket?


Heidi - October 4

The bingo game is good but the bad part was everyone kept winning cus I got tons of stuff. But it was still fun. We let people who win, switch prizes with other people so it got really vicious towards the end cus everyone wanted these potato chip clips for some reason!


Krissy - October 4

I suggest not doing the string game if you have alot of people attending your shower like I did. I had to walk around and put a string around my tummy 40-45 times, and trust me I got really tired.


Tara - October 4

For door prizes i went to a dollar tree and bought small prizes they had little baskets that had scented soaps that smelled good,a photo album,coffee mugs,journals...just inexpensive small gifts that was nice.


Brandi - October 4

Puff Paint and Onsies. Its fun. Everyone decorates them.


Kaeli - October 4

My aunt is throwing me a baby shower, we have 4 games to play... 1. Memory game, you set out a tray with misc baby items, ie; bottle, diaper, pacifier etc.. I think we have 20 or so items, you let everyone look at it for about a minute, then they have about 5 min to write down everything they remember, person who gets most right, wins.. 2. Clothes pin game, when people arrive they get a small clothes pin (we got blue cause I am having a boy) you clip it on their clothes, every time you hear someone say the word baby through out the shower, someone can take your clothes pin, person with most after opening gifts wins. 3. We are doing a version of the string game, but we are using toilet paper (may switch to string, never thought of that one! hehe) 4. We found the funniest game called launch the baby, its a plastic cap gun thing with a plastic baby attached, you have to launch the baby and hit or get close to the target to win.. I know kinda morbid, but hey its funnier than it sounds : )... As for prizes, we have 4 nice things for the games, a crystal bud vase, some nice stationary, a pottery barn candle and a decorative bowl from crate & barrel. We are also giving out favors to people, we got custom gum wrappers made (bought on Ebay) that match the shower invitations I got and I think she is going to put those in a small bag with some other little goodie type things. Hope that helps!! Good luck and have fun!!


Kaeli - October 4

Oh one other game I have heard about, I think its kinda funny, but hey, I liked the launch the baby game too.. My aunt thought this one was a bit over the top... Its called "Guess the Mess" Melt candy bars in diapers and people have to guess what kind of candy bars they are... Just picture old aunt Bessie with her nose in a poopy looking diaper trying to decide if its a Milky Way or a Snickers... lol... Anyway, I think it would make for some pretty funny pictures for the photo album!


Tigerphoenix - October 5

My sisters went to Yankee candle and bought a bunch of candle holders and two candles to go in them. I had a small shower so doing that worked out well. But if you are having a large shower I would go with what Tara said about the dollar tree.


Heidi - October 5

We had about 30-35 people at mine and we went to the Dollar Tree and bought enough prizes for everyone. We wrapped them all and set them on tables for people to take but they didn't get to open them. Since we had so many people, obviously more than one person won each game so we'd let the winners go and swap prizes with people, not knowing what they were the end of the day everyone had swapped a zillion times and then they got to take home what they got. The last game was baby bingo and we let everyone open their prizes and then as people got bingos they could steal prizes that were open. Got a little crazy cus EVERYONE was winning cus I got so much stuff. It was fun though.


Tigerphoenix - October 5

Glad to hear your shower went well. =)


tracy - October 5

i just had my baby shower last weekend and my mother-in-law setup a few games; the best one was a race between my husband and i (he was the only male in attendance..) to see who could diaper the doll the quickest. we were blindfolded, and each handed a receiving blanket and diaper pins to try to cover this baby with. it was hilarious, everyone was cheering; i kept accidentally pinning the 'diaper' right to the doll, and in the end my husband won. it got everybody excited and clapping so it was a nice change of pace from the gift-opening.


sarah - October 5

pin the sperm to the egg =D


kr - October 5

These are so great! How about cupcakes with the baby's initials? I'm so excited!



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