Sick And Tired Anyone

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m - October 5

OMG! I'm 38 and a half weeks with my first. I'm sooo damn sick of sitting around waiting for this. I'm so tired and overwhelmed and did I mention tired?? All I want to do is lay in my bed,watch tv and eat. I'm normally not a lzy,sit around person either but this is the only thing that appeals to me right now. I have had no contractions(well except the braton hicks) I have not lost and of my mucus plug or anything. And because this is my first I do realize that I could go like 2 weeks over my due date too. I just want her out. I feel like I'm going to go nuts just sitting around waiting and thinking about it. Please let me know I'm not alone.


Barb - October 5're not alone. I'm almost 38 weeks (fri.) and going completely CRAZY! I'd be lost without this forum =)


Jl - October 5

I feel your pain. I'm 38 weeks and pretty miserable. I don't feel "bad" except for the regular aches and pains, but I can't sleep at night. I can't seem to get comfortable, so I'm up all the time, and in just the last few days, I haven't been able to eat...meaning there is no room left in my belly, and my stomach must be all squished because as soon as I eat, I throw up. It sucks. My dr. tried to strip my membranes today, but doesn't know if she really did a good job because I'm only dilated 1 cm. I thought with all the pressure and sharp pains I've been having that I'd be a little further along...guess not. But, if you think back, we really have come along way. I can remember when I was so excited and waited patiently for my belly to appear. Now it's in the way all the time. Not too much longer, even if we go overdue. Just think, by Halloween we'll be holding our little bundles. :)


lisa - October 6

me too, im 38 weeks on sat and have a cold blocked up nose and no preg friendly medication. I feel like the date they gave me is wrong of22nd, as my lmp dates me at 24th/25th, aghhhhh


jessica - October 15

your are not alone at all I am also 38 and a half weeks pregnant and miserable


Tired Too - October 16

If you are tired now enjoy it. It will be 100 times more tiring when baby comes. Don't rush.


Lesley - October 16

I am 39 weeks today. I am always knackered. I have 2 young children to look after, so it's expected. But I want my nesting instinct.My housework only gets done when needed, and I feel like a proper tramp cos of it. I went over with my 1st 2 children so I'm expecting to go over iwth this one too. I think I m going to get up and do all my house today, from top to bottom. I cannot be bothered, and i would rather sleep but tt needs to be done!



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