Sick As A Dog And 28 Weeks

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alirenee86 - July 6

Alright, I NEVER EVER get sick and have a great immune system. We have an 8 month old boy and are having our 2nd in September (2 boys 10 months apart). Since we've had him in daycare, both my husband and I have caught a cold or 2 here and there. Well, my son just got over a fever/cold and is feeling great and now I am the one pregnant and completely ZONKED with this horrible flu-like cold. Bad fever, sweats, congenstion, ears hurt, throat hurts...and of course all the little pregnancy things on top of it that all seem worse cause I'm so sick. The gyno said it's safe to take Tylenol throughout pregnancy and I went to the dr and was given Zithromax (anti-biotic). I'm starting to feel a little better after a few days of constant Tylenol, no appet_te, anti-biotic and Pepto for the terrible heartburn. I was never sick with my first and NEVER took a single thing. I'm taking everything as directed and was told it is okay and perfectly safe by my gyno and dr, yet I still feel guilty for having to take anyhthing at all - just have to get better! Anyone else get sick during their pregnancy and feel guilty for having to take some medicine even though it's deemed perfectly safe by professionals? And guilty for not having enough of an appet_te to be eating a lot of the healthy things you need to have when you're pregnant? Maybe I'm just not used to being sick ever, and it was about 3 full days total, that's it. I just can't help feeling so bad for being so sick with a growing little baby inside...


preggosauce - July 6

alirene- I totally know how you feel. The first 12 weeks of my pregnancy I came down with Bronchitis...I tried to allow my body to fight it off on its own and not take any medication for it, but it just got worse, to the point where I could bearly breath. So, I had to go on antibiotics. THEN at 18 weeks I got a kidney stone...WOW, did that knock me for a loop and the Dr's prescribed me Tylenol with codein. I feel like my poor little kiddo is gonna come out all drugged up or something. I'm 36 weeks now and baby is doing great! So, no worries. Its best to be on meds anyway if you've got a fever and all that. I hope you feel better soon!!


mjvdec01 - July 6

Honey, you can't take Pepto when you are pregnant, unless okayed by your OB. There is something in it that is not recommended for pregnant women. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but my OB said not to take any. I do hope you are feeling better though.


alirenee86 - July 7

thanks preggo - feeling much, much better. You're due so soon! Do you know what you're having? mjv - no Pepto? My ob said it's fine. Ahhhh!!! I've been taking a lot for really bad bad burning. I didn't take it with Justin, I just got through it then heard from someone they took it a lot for heartburn while they were pregnant and I felt like I could be relieving myself of this burn. My ob never said anything bad about Pepto. I'm going to call to verify...thanks!



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