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Ginny - November 10

I went to a diner to pick up lunch for my office, and a waitress actually called people over to see how big I am!! I am at 30 weeks and I keep getting comments from people I don't even know, saying I'll never carry to full term. It is driving me nuts!!! My mom said the same thing happened to her when she was pregnant, and the doctor says I'm perfectly healthy and it shouldn't be anyone else's freakin' business!! Am I crazy for thinking people are so rude??


people are rude - November 10

well im sorry to hear that ginny, and yes people are very rude for their unwanted husbands family keeps compairing me to my husbands uncles wife. so what we are due around the same time. they kept saying ....."how small i was" and how i finally caught up and she is what we were diff heights and weights when we first got preggo and we are two diff ladys! .......and im sure it was ok the first time someone did it ........but after the 50th time its old and irritating


Joey - November 10

I had almost the same thing. I was at work and this lady came in and she was looking at me funny, then finally she said that I should go on a diet. Some people are rude. I am due Dec. 26th.


Jennifer - November 10

I understand Ginny. I'm having the same problem. I've had several people ask me if I'm having twins. Two people have walked up to me and said "you look miserable" I'm sick to death of it! Today I went up the the cafateria for lunch and a lady said " oh my god! You're huge" How would she like it if someone walked up to her and said that. People don't think. The thing that bothers me is that many of the people who say these rude things have had children, don't they remember what it was like? It irks me, I was in my childbirth cla__s last week looking at the other women, we are all due around the same time and I'm no bigger than they are.


Jennifer - November 10

OMG! I forget to tell you guys about this one. I was in the cafateria last week, I had already eaten lunch, but was still hungry so I went up and got a cup of yogurt. I was waiting in line to check out with my yogurt and a man was in line behind me. He proceeded to tell me that I was expecting (really? gee I didn't know) and that I should eat something more for lunch, that I wasn't being healthy for the baby. WTF! I told him I had eaten lunch and was still hungry and wanted more. He apologized. There was an old lady in front of me and she said "you eat what you want honey, what the hell does he know about being pregnant" I wanted to kiss that old lady


Joey - November 10

I love them ladies! They sure know how to make a preg woman feel better! hope all goes with everyone


Ginny - November 10

Yes! I get the twins comment, too! A customer asked me if I was having twins, then when I said no, he said, "You sure?" Like I just forgot!! Jennifer, I din't mean to laugh, but your yogurt story made me feel better. You get pregnant, and you are suddenly everyone's business. Sometimes I feel like public property.


lilmum - November 10

I had some stranger walk up to me and say "OMG you're huge, you must be due any day now" At the time I was about 32 weeks.. I was pretty upset. My sister-in-law said something like "wow are you ever getting big.. but it's only like another week or two right?" I was about 34 weeks then.. so I said "well no, actually we have almost six weeks left, but thanks". Last week on my way into my prenatal appointment (about 37 weeks) there was some lady coming in that took one look at me and said "wow, you do pregnancy so well, you look fabulous! I wish I had looked that great with any of my kids" I almost started to cry all i could say was THANK YOU and I was starting to tear up. It totally made my day, I wish more people would say things like that to pregnant women..


Jennifer - November 10

Let's all try to remember how we felt in years to come when we are'nt pregnant anymore, anytime I see a pregnant woman I'm going to tell her how fabulous she looks.


Joey - November 10

I will follow you on that one! Great call! I am sure that one day we will look back at this and laugh... one day.


Jen - November 10

Yeah, it's funny. I will have some people come up to me and ask me if I am having not twins, but triplets (I am only having one baby), and then have someone else comment on how small I am to be due in 2 weeks! What a joke! I do have to say that I have had many strangers stop just to tell me how great I look being pregnant, and these people must be angels sent from God. I am huge and I do look a little funny being only 5'3" and having this basket ball stomach, but I have vowed that from now on, I will tell every pregnant woman I see how beautiful she looks because I will remember how great it makes me feel right now. Oh, and my #1 reply to those who comment on how big I have gotten is "you have gotten pretty big yourself- when is your baby due?" This one is especially funny to men!


Sam - November 10

Well, at least some good has come from these comments, and that is to make me laugh really hard. I can't believe the stuff some people say!!! It's amazing. And you are's one thing to be saying this kind of stuff if you've never been through pregnancy before, but coming from people who've had babies--they should know better!! I just made entered the third trimester, so I'm sure I'm due for some of it soon. Yep, it feels like you're on display and everyone has the right to critique. It's the weirdest thing.


anya - November 10

even i am asked about carrying twins, especially by the same people over and over again. I especially got p__sed of when my MIL asked me to go on a diet. I felt like throwing her out of my bad she is gonna be here for another 5 months. i hate looking at her face for another 5 months.


Lena - November 10

I loved the yogurt story, it really made me feel better. My husband and I were checking out after shopping for groceries at Wal-Mart the other day. We bought a bunch of fruit and vegetables, and some meat for me to cook with, and my husband wanted a couple of those Hungry Man TV Dinners. Well, the lady who was checking us out didn't pay attention to any of our groceries, until she saw TV Dinners. That's when she almost yelled "Honey, you need vegetables, and not these TV Dinners!!!! in your position!!!!!" I was like "Um, but we got some", and she gave me a mean look, kind of like "yeah, right"


Ginny - November 11

You all have made me feel so much better. I'm glad that at the very least it is not just me! My husband told me to start saying, "I'm having a baby, what's your excuse?" I think I will start telling pregnant women how healthy they look. That is a very good idea for turning this anger into a positive thing!


Sarah D - November 11

My husband told me to say the same thing! I am 32 weeks and two weeks ago a co worker yelled down the hall "Sarah, you look fat today!" I told her that was not a very nice thing to say and went to my office and proceeded to cry for quite some time. I'm usually not such a crier but have you noticed with all these hormones it is hard to stop crying. My husband is very supportive...we work in the same office.


Chrisy - November 11

While I was walking past a Jewlry shop, which we can't afford, this lady told me here take this magazine it looks like you need it. Im sure her intention wasn't meant to be hurtful or rude but being that I have trouble sleeping sometimes and was feeling big that day it made me feel sad like do I really look THAT bad.



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