Sick With A Cold What Can I Take

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CWeber - February 17

I am sick with a really bad sinus cold, any idea what I may be able to take that would be reasonably safe? I am currently 34 weeks. Thanks!


sbyrd - February 17

I just got over a really bad cold. It was miserable! The Dr. said I couldnt take any medication. I just sucked on a bunch or cough drops and used lots of vix. I also bought those shower soother things, and they worked really good!! Good Luck!


d - February 17

my dr said benadryl and halls are ok. and robitussin dm


d - February 17

i would say call your dr to double check. Feel better.


jessica72 - February 17

We got a humidifier for the bedroom and saline nasal drops from the drugstore...non-medicated. Both fabulous! My sinus pressure is gone and I can breathe easier at night. My doc said sucrets and halls are good for coughs and that Tylenol products are ok if you have to have a little more relief.


crystal74 - February 17

you can take robitussen. i got really sick about a month ago with a cold/cough and went in to the dr. and she said i could take this. and i used a humidifier and some cough drops cuz it felt like i was swallowing gla__s. drink hot tea with lemon and honey in it. hope you feel better :)


Diann - February 19

try...honey , lemon juice and crushed ginger. mix all in a gla__s to your own taste. my gp suggested it, I've used it twice since i've been pg and it does work. plus with it not being a medication you can take as much as you need for your cough. at night i would take 4 to 5 tsps, i would cough for about an hour before i fell a sleep, but then i was able to sleep the whole night. hope you feel better


tonilee7 - February 19

I am right there with you, since getting pregnant I have had sinus infections on and off and every time I cant take anything, I have just been sucking cold lozenges, I find having a shower first thing in the morning is great it clears you up after a horrible nights sleep, I get that bad that I can not sleep, doctor did put me on anti biotics at one stage but it just kept coming back, now I am just used to it,more often than not I have to get up several times during the night to clear my nose and throat just so I can breath........just think in 6 weeks it will all be over and you will have a beautiful baby, that thought is all that keeps me sane, exept I have 12 weeks to go lol



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