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erin25 - October 12

Is anyone scared or worried about this? I can't stop worrying about a stillbirth or SIDS. I am afraid that something will happen. Does anyone know the main causes?


Erins Mom - October 12

Well stillbirth could be a number of reasons and SIDS for the most part is still unanswered to this day as well, but there are a lot of precautions you can take to prevent it, such as always putting your baby to sleep on his/her back, never putting bumpers, stuffed animals, or blankets on the baby (use a sleep sack instead), having the baby sleep in the same room as you and b___stfeeding to name a few. There are tons of websites for it if you really want to check it out.


erin25 - October 12

Thanks for your help!! I am going to look it up and start doing some research!!! Do you worry about things like this?


WP - October 13

I totally freaked out about it for my first. My mother and MIL thought I was some kind of monster because I wouldn't allow anything in the crib with my son. Erins Mom covered most of the preventions, but there's also second-hand smoke as a possible factor. The truth is, they don't know what the hell causes it and all they have is stats on the environment the babies were in. I remember hearing something about a study done on the brains of SIDS infants. Apparently, the hypothesis was that there is a certain part of the brain that was underdeveloped, and this part was responsible for sending an alarm to the body if it was receiving too much carbon dioxide. In short, if the baby's oxygen was being cut off, the baby was unable to detect it and react properly (ie. crying, moving, etc.). However, this was two years ago and I have never heard anything else about it.


Erins Mom - October 13

Yeah, I really worried about it with Erin after she was born and everyone chalked it up to me having my first lo not make it because she was born at 26 weeks, but really I was just that paranoid about everything, sids, germs, b___stfeeding correctly, you name it I was worried about it. I don't really think it's a bad thing, just normal. I was a fan of co-sleeping, b___stfeeding and baby-wearing as well though, so I'm a little more extreme than most moms you'll find here. I tend to do everything I can to make sure that baby is doing well and will be well adjusted, especially in the beginning, although I am a bit more relaxed now, as experience tends to make you!


wailing - October 15

There is a thing called the Angel Monitor that helps monitor bb's breathing so you'll know if there is something wrong. Hundreds of moms on the infant care forum swear by it. To learn more about SIDS go to the American Academy of Pediatrics website. They have tons of great info. Also, u can buy the monitor at BB r us


Buffi R. - October 16

I used the Angel Monitor with my first and loved it too. He was a preemie who spent 12 weeks in the hospital before coming home, and for medical reasons (reflux and other issues) we were actually told by his doctor to put him to sleep on his belly with the bed slightly inclined. That's why we got the Angel Monitor because I was worried about him sleeping on his belly. With the mattress being inclined with blankets on one end, DH built a little board to attach the monitor pad to so it had a firm surface to rest on - that's an important part of how it functions. It's a little sensitive to movement outside the crib though (don't b__w fans over it or use any crib vibrators) and don't let cats in the room who could also sleep in the crib, etc. or it might detect movement other than your baby's breathing. Also, you'll need to get in the habit of turning it off when you take the baby out of the crib, or about 30 second later it'll start alarming just about the time you've gotten comfortable in your glider rocker with baby in your arms. That's the only annoying thing about it. Otherwise, it's probably the only reason I got any sleep that first year myself! :-)


tish212 - October 16

wp pegged 100% what I was gonna hubby brought me home a medical journal that was covering sids...and they said it was due to the babies inability to realize it had stopped breathing... most babies sense something blocking their breathing and move but apparently babies who fall victim to sids lack the alarm that tells them to do that...the first newborn I got when I was doing foster care..I stayed up most of the night with my hands on his chest to make sure he was breathing...and I'm that with my own I will be just as paranoid....I also worry nonstop if I don't feel the baby kick or move... I panic and try to wake him up by eating or laying I would say ur worrying is normal ...they say u can relax once u hit 12 weeks...however I am 29 weeks and still not



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