Signing Anyone

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livdea - June 8

Anyone out there planning on teaching their children to sign as a way of communication? I've worked with a little boy who signed and I'll admit it was really cool and much easier to understand him and his desires! Just wondering who else out there is going to try and teach sign!


lindsay - June 8

i am not , but i think it is a great idea and really cool!


Mingill - June 8

I didn't think about signing, but that's an excellent idea. My Dh and I will be busy trying to teach baby French as a second language.


Erin333 - June 8

My MIL is deaf (lost her hearing at a young age so she can talk, just can't hear) and she watches my daughter 3 days a week. She taught her simple signs when she was a baby like (milk, more, mom, dad, food, etc). She also used flashcards and videos. I felt bad for my daughter because she would sign to me and I had no idea what she wanted. Eventually my 3 year old had to teach me all the signs. Everyone who has been around my daughter has made comments about how advanced she is for her age. If you have the time I would reccomend doing it.


iakram - June 8

Hi, I watched a tv show where the mother taught her daughter sign language and it's great i've heard for the children.


AlissaF - June 8

I am semi-fluent in ASL and have done research in signing with babies and I am going to teach my little guy to sign. I have a book called signing smart... or something like that and it is helpful. teaching babies to sign drastically helps their speech and brain development... plus it's really cute to watch!


Roary - June 8

Yes. My boyfriend has already got me doing the signs for more milk ()smile(). My father is very interested in the baby learning sign language. My boyfriend is also interested in teaching baby ancient hebrew.


amanda103 - June 8

Can anyone recommend a good book for signing? I looked online, but there are so many I wouldn't know which to choose.


dee23 - June 8

i also love this idea. im going to buy from this site but its australian so i know how many ppl its going to help.


torbman - June 8

That is a really cool idea. My girls learned it in the daycare they went to, but teaching younger,, thats cool. Hadn't thought of it but good thinking


starr - June 10

That's a good idea.I think we will also have her learn Spanish as a second language.The earlier , the better.


Erynn21 - June 11

My nephew was taught to sign by my stepsister, he could ask for milk, say he was hungry, etc.. I think it is an awesome tool for communication for the child when they are little and beyond. I have thought about doing this also, and need to know some resources, like books or dvd's.



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