Signs Of Breech Baby

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Tarah - May 8

Hi! I'm only 28 weeks right now, but I was just curious as to those who are further along who know that their baby is breech, what exactly are the signs or are there any? Can you tell without having an ultrasound? If so, what do you look for? I was just curious!! Thanks!! =)


Erica - May 8

Hi, Tarah! I'm at 39 weeks currently and my little one is in the "frank breech" position (Basically a pike position, with the b___t-down and the legs and feet straight up in front) We thought she was head-down until I got an ultrasound around 36 weeks and we realized that the hard, round bump behind my belly b___ton wasn't a b___t at was a head! I suppose without an ultrasound, that would have been my first clue...the hard bump in my navel area. Another way to tell is if the "action" (kicking and such) is taking place on one side and hardly anywhere else; in my case, it's been the right side...I'd wondered why I hadn't received any of those famous kicks to the ribs I'd heard everyone lament. But at 28 weeks, you have no reason to be worried if baby is in a breech position..she has plenty of time (and room!) to swim and flip around. We're still hoping ours flips, too; but if not, we're prepared! :)


Tarah - May 8

Thanks Erica! The reason I was wondering is actually because my baby only kicks my right side. I feel light kicks on the other side, but most of them are in the same spot every time. I was kind of interested in why that is. She might be breech right now, but like you said, she still has time! Thanks again and good luck!! =)


EM - May 9

I am 38 weeks right now and every doctors visit they tell me he is head down but I feel a round lump right up under my ribs, then somethimes lower down and hiccups have been sort of in the middle of my stomach. I feel like he is sideways. Can anyone figure this out?


Katharine - May 9

My doctor accounced that my last baby was in a breech position after feeling around on my tummy. I was about 8 mos. when he noticed it. We gave it about 3 weeks before doing the version. At my next appointment, I plan to ask the doctor when we will need to start checking for breech position this time around. (When baby is too big to likely flip on her own.)



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