Signs Of Labor Coming Or Just Crazy Ier 0

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Mzwest83 - October 16

So last night was a rough one! I was wondering if these are a sign baby will be coming sooner rather then later or if I am reading into it. Well My back has been hurting off and on for about a day but I also Have a UTI so I am kinda thinking that is way. I also have been having really loose stool. The kicker is last night I started to leak premilk. Today my br___t are really swollen. What do ya'll think. I am only 32 weeks but doctor said anytime.


micorazon - October 16

Hi Mxwest, why is your doctor saying anytime at only 32 weeks? Are they going to attempt to stop your labor if you do go early? The UTI could be causing the back ache as well as the baby changing positions. I had some preterm labor around 30 weeks which they stopped and put me on bedrest until I was 36 weeks. During that time I had a pretty severe back ache but that was because the baby was face up and the back of his head was against my back. When he finally changed positions that was relieved. I also didnt have the swollen b___sts until my 8th month and I will 38 weeks on thursday. I would say if you are really concerned its always a good idea to call the doctor, especially with you being preterm.


Buffi R. - October 16

I agree, 32 weeks is too early and they should be trying to diagnose your labor and stop it if that's the case.


Krissy25 - October 16

I have read a few women saying that a UTI can seem like labor, so that could be the problem. It seems like your doctor is being too casual about this. At 32 weeks your baby will be very small and the lungs may not be fully developed. There is a good chance if your baby came now he or she would have to spend some time in the nicu. You might want to see your doctor and get this checked out and then see if there is something he can give you to prevent preterm labor, if in fact that is what it is.


Mzwest83 - October 16

I have had two preterm labors. One at 26 weeks and one at 26 weeks but was able to stop. My doctor said he will do everything to stop labor until 35 weeks. But with me starting to eface(sp) early he said 32 weeks would be better than 26. So little goals. 32 weeks now 35 weeks.



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