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Greeklady28 - October 19

I keep reading all these warnings about not having any items in the crib with the baby. Yet other warnings I read say that a baby must sleep on their back and to use a positioner to keep them from rolling over. Also, won't the baby be cold without a blanket? How would I ensure my baby was warm when he sleeps? (I know these questions may sound silly, but I have developed a bad case of pregnancy brain and all these warning have me confused, which doesn't take much these days)


January - October 19

You don't need a positioner to keep them on their backs.. and also, you only have to keep them on their backs during the stage that they are unable to roll over on their own. It takes months before they can roll over and once they can, you don't need to force them to stay on their backs. About the keeping warm part, that's what sleep sacks are for. You dress them in their PJs or whatever it is you are going to put them in for night time, then you put them into another "sack" type garment.. usually fleece. It is closed at the end, kind of like a sleeping bag, it has arms and you just zip them into it.. and they wear it to keep warm.


TiffanyRae - October 19

My Little one is 9 weeks old and since day one I have given him a blanket in his crib. I know everything you read says not too but Alex liked to be swaddled with he was really little and now he likes to hold on to the blanket. By morning it is usually scrnched to the bottom of th ecrib anyway...but if you are hesitant to put a blanket in the crib what January said is a GREAT option. They are called sleep sacks. Just google them and I am sure you can read more about them and find out where to get some. I live in Hawaii so I really don't have a need to a sleep sack but my friends who live on the mainland swear by them! Good Luck!!


Happymommy - October 19

You can get sleep-sacks at Target for pretty cheap. You can also use the footed blanket sleepers if it is too warm for the sleep sack, and you can find them anywhere.


Pipa - October 19

Dido on the sleep sacks and if you read reviews on those sleep positioners (for ex on Target) you may come to think they're more harm than good b/c babies can scooch down and end up with the sides of them against their face which seems potentially hazardous. Babies will stay on their back until more mobile and once they're able to move on their own and such the risk for SIDS is going down. GOOD question and good luck!


LIN - October 20

Another option is to take a thin, cotton, breathable blanket and tuck it in at the foot of the crib, but only so that the blanket comes up to baby's chest (with baby also at the foot of the bed). Make sure the blanket is tucked in tightly all around, so it doesn't get bunched up.


sahm2alaj - October 20

The hospital taught us how to wrap the baby snug as a bug in his blanket. And he wouldnt sleep any other way. I never used a sleep positioner (just never saw the need for it) We had one and used it maybe once.


jenna32 - October 20

i've also heard you can just dress the baby in more layers.


jenna32 - October 20

(of clothes)



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