Silly Stressing

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alirenee86 - October 10

I don't know what's wrong with me...I'm 35.5 weeks preganant so not due until November 13th, but am stressing everything I feel I need to get done and prepare for and worried I won't have enough time before Justin Alexander arrives! I'm on top of everything and have some time off from work so I know I should have no need to be stressing but I can't stop thinking of a million things I need to get done around the house and in preparation for!!! Anyone else obsessing about cleanliness, organization and time or am I just crazy??!!


corbin289 - October 10

Your not crazy. I think its pretty common, I know it was for me with my first two. I'm only 18w now so I'm not there yet. I know its easier said then done but just try to relax and enjoy the last few weeks and get lots of rest!!


DaBonkElsMe - October 10

I'm only 31 weeks, and I have started to stress out a little too. I am not quite at the point your are yet, but I can see myself getting that way as the weeks go on and the baby gets closer to being here. I think it's a common thing, try to relax as much as you can...


AngelinLuv - October 11

I'm the exact same way and our peanut isn't due until November 30th. I think it's pretty normal, or so I've been told. I'm starting to relax now that most of it is ready. I was driving hubby nuts for awhile there. =)


tish212 - October 11

lol...yeah I'm going crazy and I'm not due till the end of dec... I however I have gone crazy with nesting...I have disinfected all the walls the tiles in my bathroom swapped my nursery and guest bedroom numerous times...rearranged my living room over and over again... and now I have been working on plans to add a second bath to my driving dh right up the wall.... just wanted u to know ur not alone :)


HeavenisMine - October 11

I have gone nuts with the housework, but have had to slow down I have been so tired. I just want everything to be perfect when she gets here.


alirenee86 - October 11

Thanks, girls!! tish212, I am doing the exact same things. So funny. And though I've been feeling good, it is tiring. I'm obsessing over everything with my house to try to make it perfect and the stuff I want to do seems funny you want to pu t a new bathroom in! I have new tiles I want in my bathroom and afraid my husband won't have time to do that. I can't stop wanting to perfectly acrylic my floors too!! Ahhh!! At least I'm not alone! We're all obsessively OCD right now. Yes, I guess that's called nesting!!



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