Sitting Down After Having Vaginal Birth

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Jenn2 - February 20

I was just wondering if it hurts to sit down after having a va___al birth? with or without an episiotomy? It just seems like it would be uncomforitalbe for a while.


mama3 - February 20

After I had my first I had a episiotomy and didnt even think about it. I was so into everthing around me. I was walking the hospital with my baby when she was 6hrs old. But with my 2nd my birth was alittle harder. I have a tilited cervix and they have to lift my cervix up for my baby to come down so after my 2nd yes for about 3-4 days I was alittle sore. But it wasnt anything I needed pain meds for though..Just knew that it was there.Is this your first baby? If it is I wouldnt worry so much... You'll be so wraped up in whats going on and getting to be with your baby you wont feel much of anything. Thats the nice thing of being a mom for the 1st time. 2nd time around your more awear of whats going on. Hope that that can ease your mind alittle


mel - February 20

it's definatly sensitive. I had a killer epi but even though it was uncomfortable, i was still able to sit for periods of time. just not straight up where I put most of the pressure on my bottom.


KLC - February 20

It is a little tender but my advice to you is tucks pads. Put them in the fridge and put one in your panties every now and then, makes a world of difference!!!


yes - February 20

do all of the above, but what helped me the most after 3rd degree tears was a doughnut--you know one of those seat cushions with a hole in the middle. They are usually for people who have hemmroids, but it worked great for me.


to Jenn - February 20

Ma__sage your perineum (or have someone do it for you) with vegetable oil & do kegel exercises for a few weeks before you give birth. Do kegels after too. It should help the process somewhat. Episiotomies are more painful than tearing anyway because most times, they'll cut you more than you'll tear (& other reasons too).


Sara - February 20

I remember my legs hurting more than my bottom from pushing. Of course, my son was only 5 that might be why


erin - February 21

With my first I could hardly move at all. I could hardly sit, walk, do anything. I only had a small tear but I guess the whole area was pretty battered and bruised. And with my second, sitting and walking weren't an issue, even though he was 3 lbs bigger than my first. Depends on the person and the delivery.



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