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Girl Gilly - January 11

Okay, is anyone else in the same boat as me? I desperately look forward to going to bed at night and getting some sleep yet when my alarm goes in the morning I think what a waste of time that was. Even on the odd nights where I sleep most of the night I don't feel like I have gotten any rest. The baby doesn't move much when I am sleeping - at least not enough to wake me up. As soon as my head hits the pillow I am asleep and for the first hour or so it's a deep sleep and then it's off and on. Usually by about 4 am my hips are on fire and I have been up a few times for the bathroom. I am at 29 weeks and can't imagine it is going to get much better from here on in. Grrr.


Kel - January 11

I'm in the same boat. I can't wait to go to sleep at night and fall rigth asleep, but about 1 1/2 hours later I am up to use the bathroom and then I usually get up aboout 3 more times after that. Plus I always have to get up about 1 hour ro 30 minutes before the alarms goes off!! How irritating! But my hips always hurt from sleeping on my side and my arms go numb. I try to sleep on my left side, but I always get this pain when I do so....probably because the baby is laying on something when I move that way. I am 28 weeks and I can't imagine 12 more to go. I wish I could just stay home and lay around all day. I am so tired. At my last appointment they said I was slightly anemic (12 is normal and I was 11.5) and that I should tell them if I was extremely tired and I was like I am, but they didn't really say anything or do anything to help???


monique - January 11

You both must be me, i am 29 weeks and me and sleep just don't get along. fall asleep then get back up , pee, try to go back to sleep but can't. watch some t.v. then i fall asleep again and almost two hours later back up again. I go from the bed to the couch to the bed again, and then guess what it's one hour and 15 min. untill you have to get up. Then it is 15 min until you have to get up and that's when it seems like your going to get the best sleep of your life but you got to go to work .I just want some good rest.


andrea - January 11

I used to get up and go the bathroom in the middle of the night, but like you guys, could not fall back asleep, so I've started staying in bed. I will wake up and have to go to the bathroom really bad, but I just roll over and fall back asleep. I do that until morning and I get better sleep. My stomach hurts when I get up and I have to pee like hell, but it helps me get better sleep., so I hold it all night.


Annette - January 11

Oh dear! Ladies, just wait until your baby starts pressing your diaphragm and in addition to ALL that, you start suffocating while laying down or you wake up in the middle of the night with the worst leg cramps (first time I had them I thought I was dying!). I am 35 weeks and have not hat a decent night of sleep since I can remember. Sorry for sounding so negative, maybe I am just venting and I really hope it won´t be as bad for you all.


Girl Gilly - January 11

You know, your responses got me thinking - especially Annette's. I usualy can nap for about 1-2 hours during the day and sleep hard. So I think I am going to nap more often and not feel guilty doing it. If my husband gives me a hard time I will show him are your responses proving that it is not just me!! Annette, I haven't had leg cramps yet, however, I find that if I try and stretch my legs out while laying down I can feel the start of a cramp so I quickly tuck my legs back up!


Kel - January 11

Girl Gilly, I am the SAME way with leg cramps. When I go to stretch I can feel it coming so I quick ball back up!


mel - January 11

count me in.....on everything listed above. Gods way of weening you off sleep. haha


Natalie - January 11

i know how you feel and i a__sure you it doesnt get any better. im 33 weeks now and i find it very difficult to sleep. you fall asleep and then your awake and forever in a light sleep with isnt really going to help with the rest side of it. tossing and turing all night to try to get comfortable and haveing a sore back etc. im being honest. it wont improve!


amb - January 11

i know the feeling, im 29 weeks also and cant get a good nights sleep. my dh gets up at 450am and so im up from 450 till abotu 530 and then go back to sleep but when i get up 2 hours later i am SO tired i cant move. it sucks.. oh and im up like every hour.. UGH it sucks


Maggie - January 11

Does anyone else go numb when they sleep? If I sleep on my left side by the time I wake up, my arms and hands are numb, and my hips and legs are killing me!! I'm 34 weeks and I think I'm going to be crashing on the lazy boy until this baby is born.


sarahlorrain - January 12

I'm with ya! Sleep stinks, my hips always hurt bad and I have to get up a hundred times to pee! But I'm so afraid of getting dehydrated that I also get a drink when I get up to pee, lol. The worst is trying to roll over!! It's such a big production; I have to untangle the pillow from in between my knees, roll over, replace pillow, replace blankets, sigh, wish baby would come......I still wouldn't be getting sleep but at least I wouldn't be in so much pain, LOL.


rk - January 12

Boy does that sound familiar!! I bought the snoogle pillow and it helps a little bit. I've been putting a moist heat compress on my hip, that seems to help a little. Besides that my dh snores & drives me nuts!!


Girl Gilly - January 12

Maggie, I remember reading in one of the posts that "Mel" just recently started having pins and needles in her arms when she slept. Sorry I don't remember where I read it, but it looks like you are not alone! I am not sure if that statement is supposed to make you feel better or not!


Kel - January 12

Maggie, my hands and arms are always numb when I sleep. I get up to go to the bathroom and I have to wait for my arms to function again! You are not the only one!!


liz - January 12

It only gets better once the baby finally starts sleeping through the night! : ) I actually found that a throw blanket worked best for me for easing discomfort. It wasn't so intrusive between me and my husband and I could tuck it in just how I needed around my belly/hips/knees. I am pregnant with my second and not only have my own many trips to the bathroom to keep me up, but I also have a toddler learning to sleep in a big boy bed getting up at all hours of the night and then demanding breakfast around 6:30 am...just as I'm finally falling back asleep! I"m really starting to look forward to those two days in the hospital where I can get "pampered" and actually take a few naps!


KE - January 13

All of these stories sound like my own....cramps, getting up to use the bathroom, indigestion, changing the position of pillows and blankets eveytime you move. They say to sleep on your left side but how can you all night long when your left side gets halfway numb the other half cramping and your hip hurting!! I feel guilty sleeping on my right side but I have to through part of the night. My sister says the sleepless nights are getting us ready for what we have in store once the baby is here.



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