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wv_red - April 11

Hi ladies I just have a quick question and would appreciate any input that you can give me. Okay well we have a crib in the nursery and just put together the play pen with the bassinet top, and the sleeping arrangments are that she is going to be in our room till I feel comfy letting her sleep in her own but the thing is the bassinet doesnt seem all that supportive. So pretty much the question is what would you use??? The bassinet or disassemble the crib and put it back together in your room? I just need some input. Thank you all ahead of time.


ErinP - April 11

With my first son we had him just sleep in his crib in his room from the start, and with this one I definitely want him in my room for the first few months. I was planning on using the playpen too and found the same thing, not supportive enough to be slept on for any length of time, so we went ahead and bought a ba__sinet. It was an extra expense, but it makes me feel a lot more comfortable.


cors1wfe - April 11

What about just putting her in the playpen and not use the ba__sinet top thing? My son slept in his playpen until he was almost 8 a single mom I didn't have the money for the extra expense and when I moved back home and my mom had a room for him he transitioned nicely to the crib.....he wasn't freaked out by the size of it or anthing......there is plenty of support in a regular playpen and I think she'll be fine....but you are not limited in your options - cribs aren't too much trouble to disa__semble and move - either way good luck!


tish212 - April 14

my dd is almost 4 months now, we started out with her in the bedroom in the ba__sinet next to the bed, but when her nightly awakening started taking a toll on dh's sleep i moved to the living room with her, bringing her ba__sinet out with me, now that she is sleeping through each night, we are moving her back into the bedroom in a crib. i considered getting one of the playpens with a ba__sinet top but like you i noticed they don't feel sturdy and i decided against it... also my dd has been able to move herself all over her ba__sinet since like 2 weeks im glad we chose to put her in the ba__sinet that has high sturdy sides on it. of course you can't use a ba__sinet for too long depending on how big your baby is, and how quickly they grow, Personally i would have prolly not bought a ba__sinet, and just used the crib in my bedroom but since it was a baby shower gift we chose to use it, i hope this helps some... maybe you could use the ba__sinet topped playpen during daytime naps when you're awake and can keep an eye on your lo...and use the crib in the bedroom at night...


Sims1 - April 14

WV_Red, theres a book out there called 'three in a bed' and i've been meaning to get my hands on it. oh another recommended book is 'happiest baby on the block'. anyways, reading bits from the first book, i've decided and i think i had decided this before that i'm keepign the baby in the bed with me. but that's feasible for us becuase we have a king size bed. also i do have the option to a ba__sinette incase i feel that it's disturbing my sleep. but i think for the first three months, i'm keeping the baby close to me to help keep hormones, blood pressure etc regulated. according to the book, babies are too little to regulate somethings themselves and look to their mothers, and there have been studies that show them being more balanced when they are closer to the mothers. something like SIDS is more prevalent in North America because we are the larger culture to put babies in cribs in different rooms etc. very interesting book, keep in mind it's a theory like all things, but it appealed to me so i'm just making suggestions.


reneenay - April 14

Hi Red...we decided on the pack and play, but I agree that the mattress on it is very poor quality. So I bought something called the delux suggle nest to place in the pack and play, along with anywhere else my baby may be sleeping. It has sturdy walls on it so it will work for the bed too, without having to worry about smothering. And it's easy to take along with you on trips or if you are at someone else's home and the baby needs a nap. I think it's great because it provides the same sleep environment wherever the baby may be. I plan on using it in the crib too for a little while, so when it's time to put my little guy in his own room, it will be a smoother transition.


wv_red - April 14

Thank you all for your input!!! I appreciate it so much. Its nice to get other veiws on things from other to be moms. Thanks again!!



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