Sleeping On The Right Side Plz Help Me

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babymad - April 24

Iam 27 weeks 6 days prego... We all know that it is best to sleep on the left side because of the blood circulation and the baby will get good blood supply.. But i cudnt sleep on the left side for 5 mts also because i have bad cramps in my left leg and my left hip is aching like h__l..I dont know what to do.. Iam sleeping on the right side only for the entire night.. I feel very guilty that i ant do it knowing some thing which is good for baby.. Sleeping on the right side is ok.. cos my left part of the body( legs, thighs and hips) hurts very much..


amanda17 - April 24

I'm not sure if it makes any difference to the baby what side you sleep on. They say it's just supposed to be more comfortable for you. If you're more comfortable on your right side that isn't a problem. I switch sides all throughout the night. You will feel uncomfortable if your baby is uncomfortable.


angelgabby84 - April 24

I too sleep on my right side every night! I have terrible cramps in just my left leg and find it hard to breath in any other position other than my right side. ~~ as Amanda said it is just what is supposed to be more comfortable. But if you prefer the right side then don’t worry.


cors1wfe - April 24

I agree with everyone else here this point unless you are having some kind of blood pressure complication then either side is fine .....sometimes I even sleep on my back it just depends on what is most comfortable....don't worry like Amanda said your baby will let you know if they are uncomfortable! just get good sleep that is more important than what side you end up on .....


stefkay - April 24

I can't sleep on either side for any amount of time due to it hurting my hips and ribs so I almost always sleep on my back. It does bother me, but I also was told that if it is bad for the baby it will get uncomfortable and so far it is by far the most comfortable position (I don't lie flat, I am propped up a bit with lots of pillows) and sometimes I put my legs up on more pillows at the end of the bed. I'd NEVER sleep if I had to sleep on my left side entirely! Has anyone asked their doctor about this? I see mine tomorrow so I will try to remember to ask...


Rachel H - April 24

Hey babymad, I asked my doctor about this a few weeks ago, because I heard the same thing. They say it's supposed to make you feel better because it helps with blood circulation, but you don't have to. It won't hurt you or the baby if you sleep on your right side. You should sleep however makes you feel comfy.


softbreeze200 - April 24

yes, my dr has said to sleep whichever way you are comfortable. Your body will reposition itself if it needs too. I sleep 90% on my back and am doing fine! Enjoy your sleep while you can! :)



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