Sleeping On Your Back

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Andrea - September 5

I always wake up sleeping on my back. I know it is bad, but I pack the pillows, and I still end up on my back, Is it hurting the baby? And do you have any advice to help me from ending up on my back?


Delaya - June 24

I have the same problem! I really worry about it, but my doctor said that if I am lucky enough to get any sleep at 29 weeks, than I should take it and not worry about it. He also said that it won't hurt the baby, it will just cause me some discomfort.


d_ashly - June 24

sleeping on your back wont hurt your baby. they dont recommend it because the entire time you are lying on your back the weight of your baby is putting pressure on your spine which causes back pain. your baby is in no harm. i have the same problem most of the time, its hard for me to get comfortable sleeping on my side being 30 weeks pregnant.


Jennn - June 25

I think the major concern for sleeping on your back is the weight of the baby blocking the major vein that brings blood back from your legs, which can be dangerous, the vein is slightly on your right side, that is why it's best to sleep on your left side. It has nothing to do with the baby. I am 28 weeks, and sleep on my back cuz it's the only way I can fall asleep. If you don't feel light headed or don't have any blood pressure problems, I don't see a major concern.


Kerry - September 5

My specialist told me that it is possible to cut off the oxygen supply - but that you would normally wake yourself up anyway if there was any danger.


alicia - September 23

they say that when your in your third trimester that you should avoid laying on your back because it can cut off circulation to you and your baby....But i dont know i dont see how it can be harmful. As long as you still feel your baby moving about 10-12 times a day i wouldnt worry about it.


vanessa - November 17

i just went to a dr. app today and she made it quite clear that me at 24 weeks should not sleep on my back i have been practicing laying on my side for a month or so now it gets easier it sucks though,but theres a possibility you can actually harm the baby by putting all that weight of those muscles in side your belly on him/her,so just try your best to sleep on either side!!!!


me - November 17

I also had a dr. appt last week but she told me it was prefecly fine to sleep on my back as long as i dont feel discomfort and Im 34 weeks. She said pregnant woman need the most sleep they can try to get and if sleeping on your back is the only way its fine and wont harm your baby


bry - November 28

you would get light headed and be discomforted long before lying on your back would hurt the baby


ErinJoy - November 29

When I lay on my back my baby starts kicking me violently. It obviously doesn't like it but if it would let me lay that way I would.


Christine - November 29

Lol Erinjoy....As others have said laying on your back is a concern for it can slow down/cut off oxygen supplies to the baby...I have read some on this...and asked about it and most everything I read says that the most you need to do is just put a pillow underneath your back so that your not laying flat...I always slept on my that I'm pregnant for some reason I wake up 100 times a night to switch sides because the one I'm on is achy from laying on...My solution is to put pillows behind me so that I'm propped up some and not flat on my seems to have helped and says that it is safe..


aria - December 7

I was told at 16w to stop laying on my back because the weight of the baby would cut off/ decrease flow from not one, but two major arteries. One the aorta and the other I dont remember its name, anyways they bring much needed blood flow to you AND your baby. My doc never said that I had to sleep on any particular side, just that I should sleep on my side. Anyways Im not going to take any chances now that my friend just delivered 8 weeks early and all she did was sleep on her back. Im going to try my best to listen to my doc.... even if that means I have to keep waking up every hour or so to move.


esmer - February 5

why do i get cramps or pain on my botton of my stomache


Lucy - February 6

I also had the same problem until I put a huge pillow on my back, is the kind of huge and hard decorative pillows. I put it on my back and even if I roll the thing is so huge that I just fall into it.


Nicole - February 7

When my sister was pregnant with twins she was laid up in the hospital on bed rest for quite some time and they had her on her back, but she was always elevated. As long as you prop yourself up with some pillows so you're not flat on your back you should be just fine.



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