Sleeping On Your Back

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saydie - May 23

I know that you are not suppose to sleep on you back after the 4th month. But i always wake up on my back and sometimes that is the only way that i can get to sleep. So how bad is it to sleep on you back, because as much as i try i just cant help it


heather - May 23

The only position that I find comfortable is to fall asleap on my back, the dr says that it is fine. cause you dont stay in the same exact spot all night. Later on she said that if you notice that you wake up and your legs or feet are numb that that is your sign to find another sleeping position.


Maddie - May 23

I used to sleep in whatever position I felt comfortable in. I figured if it was uncomfortable, then that was my body telling me to switch positions. As I got farther along...and my belly started getting bigger, I could actually FEEL the pressure of all the weight on my organs and I can't sleep on my back anymore. I can't even sit indian style anymore! =*( I'm 36 weeks, and my belly is HUGE~MONGOUS!


nelly - May 24

i rotate from each side every night and to make it more comfortable i will sleep with a body pillow between my legs and supporting the side that i am sleeping on and its very comfortable but i stiill wake up several times a night on my back and i am 31 weeks and it seems to be very comfortable as well and i just always re adjust and get back on my side.


KrisD - May 25

That has been bothering me as well. I keep waking up spread out flat on my back. But my mother said they never knew such things back when she was pregnant. Most important, I a__sume, would be to listen to your body, like heather said.


Amara - May 25

It's weird the things they come up with now.... I am totally paniced about sleeping on my back now, but my friend told me when she was pregnant 11 years ago, the didn't have all these notices that you have to avoid. I waked up often throughout the night, and find myself on my back, quickly I change to my side... I try to use pillows, or make my poor guy spoon me all night... *evil grin*


Melissa - June 13

I had trouble sleeping on my left side and would wake up on my back quite a bit. If you're really concerned, try getting a Big V pillow. Ever since I got it not once did I wake up on my back. I just wrap myself around it and sleep soundly throughout the night (except when nature calls). Good luck!


Kara - June 14

I read on ivilliage an answer to that question from an obstetrician, and she said that not sleeping on your back is only a matter of concern for women with high risk pregnancies and during labour when the body is under a huge amount of strain. And that if it is causing any hardship on your body, you will feel weak and faint and will change position unconsciously anyway. For normal healthy pregnancies, she said don't be too concerned, it is mainly for high risk pregnancies and during labour.


MommaJen - June 14

I go to sleep on my side, but wake up on my back-Doctor told me that it was fine! When I do wake up on my sides however, I have sore legs and upper b___t!



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