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Jo - December 18

I always seem to wake up in the middle of the night sleeping on my back. I am 30 weeks. Everytime I turn to my side, but I keep going on my back. Is there any harm to the baby???


Swtpea - December 18

I will be 38wks in 2days and I find myself on my back a lot to in the middle of the night, 'specially since my b/f gave up the whole bed for me these last few weeks. I have four pillows at my head and a body pillow to work with and some how... I end up on my back. From what I understand, unless you've had complications or specific orders from you doctor... dont worry about it too much. Obviously you wake up and find yourself in that position... just turn over to your side again. Oddly enough they say to avoid your right side, for circulation reasons.... If I sleep on my left side, my right arm falls asleep, if I sleep on my right side my left arm falls So my nights are pretty eventful, ... turning and moving a lot. I find that using my body pillow in front of me, and almost as tho I would be litterally on my stomach, but not quite, I fall asleep face down, lol, ... and no matter what find myself in a completely different situation when I wake up.


mechelle - December 18

i'm the same way. as far as it harming the baby? well i asked my dr a while back and i was probably 24/25 weeks and he there's not much to worry about til you get further along. apparently the weight of the baby is what will effect it. i go in the morn to the dr and i'm going to ask him. i will come back and let ya'll know. i'm 341/2 weeks!!!


amber - December 18

i wish i knew that to cuz i am now just 36 weeks n i wake up catching me laying on my back, i realize i have to pee so that is usually why im in that position but soon i realize and i turn back over i hope everything is still good im sure it is.


Kendra - December 18

We are told to sleep on our side (left is best) - and I think he best solution I have found is to build a fort around yourself with pillows. Sure, use the body pillow against your stomach, but also put pillows along your back. You'll be less inclined to roll over, and just as with the front pillows tricking your body into thinking is on it's stomach - the one's against your back obviously trick your back. That's what I've been doing anyways, and it's quite a process, getting yourself all packed away, but worth a shot.


Karen - December 18

I thought this was a big deal too and then talked with my midwife who said - avoid it if you can but if you wake up on your back - don't panic - switch positions. She said that "you'll know it if you've been on your back too long - you will be nauseated and your breathing will be impacted" - its the weight of the baby on one of your main for sleeping on your right side - she said to make sure sure I leaned right over...I've read a lot of different things...just switch positions when you catch yourself..the body pillow is amazing...tuck it under your back and you are less likely to sleep right on your back. Hope this helps.


Dana - December 18

My doula told me your body will let you know if the back sleeping is not good for you. Some women can do it without ever feeling dizzy or sick and I also find it one of the most comfortable positions. The big down fall to sleeping on your back, especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy is that it causes the baby to nestle into an aterior position in which the back of the baby is facing your spine. This makes for long and painful labours because baby is twisted the opposite way.


K - December 18

Is anyone else having hip & leg cramps from sleeping on your side? My hip hurts so bad sometimes it wakes me up.


dew - December 18

My midwife told me that sleeping on your back slows circulation to bottom half of your body which usually results in hemroids. But she also told me thats the worst case. It's hard enouph to get comfortable so I say do what you have to do. put on some preperation H, and call it a night!!


Angela - December 19

Well, it feels good to know that am not the only one with this predicament. am just so comfy sleeping on my back. sometimes i get scared that it may harm the baby but i think baby is doing just fine.


Jaime - December 19

I go to bed sleeping on my left side but always wake up on my back.I get so frustrated because it feels so much better on my back.Im am 27 weeks and the main reason I want to have my baby ,is because I dream of a night of soild sleep on my belly.But for now I build my bridge of pillows to make sure there no harm done.


Monkeyluv - December 19

K - I get REALLY bad hip cramps in the middle of the night and the only thing that can help is getting up and walking on it. Sometimes when I change positions it hurts even more. All night long I am up and down from having to go pee all the time to walking off these hip cramps. I woke up yesterday and my hip was still hurting from the night before and it still hurts a bit today :( About sleeping on your backs, my dr. too said that my body will tell me if i need to move... by becoming nauseous or getting light headed or dizzy.


Jill - December 19

My hip/pelvis pain is also out of control. It hurts all day, if I stay in one position too long - getting in and out of the car - putting my pants on - any time I have to lift my legs basically. Last night I barely slept a wink because I had to get up and walk it off / go bathroom so many times. I almost fell asleep sitting on the doctors exam table waiting for her to come into the room. When I roll over in bed from one side to the other my hips SCREAM in pain and crack. Sometimes it makes me yelp and hubby wakes up suddenly with "WHATS WRONG!??!" Poor guy. I hope it'll all be over soon.


Jean - December 20

I prop myself up and sleep on my back, well, sort of as I am somewhat sitting up as well. However, I roll to one side in the night and I wake up needing to pee with these same horrible hip cramps. They are excruciating. Last night I was suffering with them and I thought - how am I going to get through labor??? Ah!


elizabeth - December 20

My doctor said any way that is most comfortable for you is fine. Even though they say that you are not suppose to sleep on my back, that is the most comfortable, and i sleep on my right side because if i lay on my right i get really bad cramps in my stomach and in my legs. its hard to get comfortable but when i lay in one place to long it does hurt but i just keep turning in the middle of the night, im 32 weeks...sleeping is not going so well....good luck to you all


Michelle - December 20

My doc said to sleep how ever I am comfortable too, but he said that I will know if I can't sleep a certian way because of breathlessness and stuff like that. SO no worries.



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