Sleeping Problem

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eli83 - April 27

I am 34 weeks preganant and I can't sleep at all. It started wheb I was 20 weeks pregnant. I can sleep for half an hour and suddenly wake up and can't get back to sleep. I tried everything but nothing seems to work for me. I really don't know what to do. My doctor wanted to put me on some medication but I refused to take any. I am so worried about my baby. does anybody know why all this happened to me from nowhere and is there any way I can sleep without taking any medication?


Rachel0510 - April 27

I know how you feel! When I was about 34 weeks that's when it started for me. I'm 38 weeks now, and I take 2 Tylenol PM every night to knock me out and it really helps. (And it's perfectly safe for baby, my doctor recommended it.) I also found that sleeping with a pillow between my legs also helps me relax better. Hope this helps, good luck. I know how important sleep is! :)


ARD - April 27

I know you don't want medication, but for about 3 mths of the beginning of my pregnancy I took phenegran to help with nausea (which is perfectly fine to take while pregnant - even through the entire pregnancy if needed - my doc. said)....well, was taking at least 2 a day to help with that and one of those was right before going to bed - I took it whole going to bed and it knocks me right out and I sleep sooooo good!! Well, now that I'm over the morning sickness, I don't have to take it during the day, but I still take the one phenegran before going to sleep at night because I noticed when my prescription ran out the first time and I didn't need it anymore, I could NOT sleep for the life of me. I'm 28 weeks now and that started around 21 weeks. So, I asked if it would stil be ok to take one phenegran pill before going to bed, and my doc said that was fine to help me sleep. I'm glad I do or I would NEVER be able to sleep. If its not harmful to the baby, why not? :o) Don't be miserable!! I'm not a big advocate for medicine either, but at this point I needed to sleep!!! Besides when the baby gets here, you won't be getting much then!! The tylenol pm, like Rachel0510 said, will be ok too! So good luck in getting some zzzzs!! :o)


eli83 - April 27

thanks , I'll try taking Tylenol PM , hope it will work for me.


AML - April 27

I was having sleeping problems from about week 20 on. I am now 35 weeks (tomorrow!) My dr. told me I could take tylenol pm. I started out with 2 but it was too much so I cut it down to 1. Sometimes thats too much too so I take half of one! It's just enough to help me sleep! The pillow between the knees works too! I use a body pillow and put half under my belly and the other half between my legs. Also sometimes prop a pillow behind my back and side. That helps too! A comfortable surrounding is a plus!


ReneeM - April 28

I too take Tylenol PM (1tablet) with 1 regular tylenol, to help me sleep. My doc also said it was fine. Or you could just take plain Benadryl, since that is what is in Tylenol PM. I work night shift, 2 nites a week and it totally screws me up for about a night when i am off. I think taking something harmless like that is so much better that being sleep deprived and feeling like c___p! Hope it works for you eli83! It has been a life saver for me! Sweet dreams (hopefully)!!!



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