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xoxticiaxox - February 9

I am dying, I really am...this is the second night I have been up untill really late because I just cant sleep! Last night was 4 am, tonight its 2 am so far, and Im sooooo tired and I just cant sleep! Is this normal? I cant think of anything worse than being mega tired, and just not being able to sleep! :(


Gretta - February 9

Join the club! I can nap during the day (since I am home on bedrest) but am having an awful time during the night. Just up and down. Its awful.


candaceann1 - February 9

If you cant sleep now, just wait till the baby gets here.


Lovedblessings - February 9

xoxticiaxox, I am in the same boat. How far along are you? Sleeping through the night is a thing of the past for me. What seems to help me for at least half the night is good old warm milk and honey. Leg cramps have me up for a good part of the night. Gretta, how long have you been on bed rest? I have been on since 25 weeks... 32 weeks now!


xoxticiaxox - February 9

Im about 31 weeks, and I dont have leg c___pms, I dont have anythign wrong, except being sooo tired, and just end up laying there! I cant even take naps! Its getting to the point where I feel sick to ym stomach! I will try the milk thing! I think not sleeping is where this awful headache ios coming from!


beth1975 - February 9

I swear I haven't slept since I've been pregnant!! I feel tired during the day but in the middle of the night I wake wide awake and can't get back to sleep. I think it's nature's way of getting us ready for whats ahead :)


xoxticiaxox - February 9

Beth- It sucks alot, Id rather be unprepared than this lol!


BklynMama - February 9

I've been having the same problem. i cannot fall asleep at night & when i finally do, its almost time to wake up & get my daughter ready for school


crystal74 - February 9

maybe it's nerves or stress. take a warm bath with candles and maybe soft music if you like that and relax before bedtime. i am still working 8 hours a day and my husbands schedule is so different from mine. i get off work at 5, he gets off at 8 most nights and that's if he isn't caught in a car deal that keeps him for another hour. we're on such a different sleeping schedule and it sucks. i get up at 7 and he gets up sometime before 11. anyways i know how you feel. i go to bed when he does which is late and then turn around and get up early, plus all the bathroom breaks throughout the night. i barely sleep. i can't wait till i go to part time which will be next week.


Gretta - February 9

Lovedblessings - I have just been on for two weeks because of my blood pressure - I really feel sorry for you since 25 weeks. Are you going crazy in the house?


Lovedblessings - February 10

Gretta, i have been out of the house but Yes I am going crazy. At least I am at a point were if I go into labour again the baby has a great chance of being born healthy which is wonderful. How long does your doctor want you on bedrest for. DO you have high or low blood pressure. I have low and faint a lot during my third trimestor. (3rd pregnancy)


Gretta - February 10

Loved - see my other post i just posted about bedrest so we don't take over the sleeplessness one. I am really down today. I have high blood pressure.



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