Small Baby

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rebekah, UK. - November 15

I am 29 wks pregnant and had a growth scan last wk which came back fine, no problem. But my doctor says my baby only measures 27 wks. Does this mean my baby will be small? The hospital scan estimated it to weigh 8lbs 4oz, which isnt a low birth weight.


?? - November 15

I am a little confused. Did the doctor say your baby weighs 8lbs4oz at 29 weeks? Isn't that a lot? Usually at that stage babies are around 3 pounds, 4 pounds max. If that is the case, your baby is not small at all!


to ?? - November 16

I think she ment it can kinda get a close prediction on the weight when born. Not the weight it is now. Ans WOW if that was the case Honey my heart is with you!! ~misty~


rebekah - November 16

:) No, the baby is predicted to weigh 8lbs 4oz at birth!!!


Emy - November 16

If that is the weight at birth than you are fine! Enjoy your 3rd trimester...


New mom - November 16

My son was 6lbs at birth and he was normal so i think ur son is way normal..


Brooke - November 16

There is no way your baby wieghts that much right now. I have had the same problem. I was put on bedrest to help the baby get bigger, which has been working. At 29 weeks your baby should wieght under 3 pounds. I don't think your baby will wieght that much in the end if it is showing up small right now. My doctor said my baby would be a bit small, but not unhealthy.


Jessie K - November 17

Brooke it's not one size fits all, "should weigh under three pounds" at 29 weeks.


Cat - November 17

Mine was 6 pounds at 32 weeks and I don't even have GD. Weight varies some, if it's a concern the doctor will tell you.


Maggie - November 17

They told me the samr thing, and my son was born perfectly normal and healthy at 6lbs. 8oz. Don't worry, you'll be fine.


sheree - November 17

It dosen't mean that ur baby will be small, i always measured smaller on the ultrasound, they said she was 4% under, i had her 2 weeks early and she was 7lb 13oz, so she caught up, good luck anyway.



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