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Guilty :( - May 29

I feel so horrible. I quit smoking when i was 4 months pregnant and I was doing so good. One day I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown and had a cigarette. My cravings came back and now i have one onces in a while.. maybe 1 a week. Im feeling so guilty and I have decided that I will not have anymore at least until after my baby is born July 1st... and I am done br___tfeeding. I am feeling so depressed and guilty that I dont know what to do. I was doing so good. Does anyone have any reasuring thoughts??? I am not a bad mother, and I already love my unborn child.. How can I be so weak?


jenny - May 30

hey I wouldnt worry about it, those couple of cigarettes aren't going to do any damage to the baby. I am 32 weeks pregnant and JUST quit smoking 22 days ago. I know I should have quit sooner but at least the baby will have 10 weeks of a smoke free womb!


ree - May 31

I know how you feel although I have totally quit smoking everytime I lit up I felt awful. I would only take a puff or two to help with the craving but I still felt bad. Anyone that does not smoke does not have a clue how hard it is to quit. I think you are doing very good and you should be proud of the fact that you care enough not to smoke on a regular basis. Just keep trying and you will get through it. have you had an ultrasound yet?? That is what helped me. Everytime I thought of smoking a cig I thought Of putting one in my babies mouth. The guilt overpowerd the urge. Good Luck. And don't beat yourself up, just try harder!!!


Sadie - June 1

I totally know how you guys feel. I'm in my last trimester, and think about having a smoke constantly. The cravings consume me. I quit in my third month, and had the odd one in moments of weakness. I just hate feeling like a bad person and mother.


J - June 9

Don't feel guilty because you did quit smoking. There are people out there that don't quit at all and dont even cut back. I think you should be proud of yourself!


Christina - June 9

It doesn't make you a bad person or mother, it makes you human!! I quit when I became pregnant, but had an urge for one now and then. My doctor told me it was actually better to quit gradually rather than cold turkey.


ANGEL - June 9



InAGlade - June 9

The important thing is that you don't give up! Having a weak moment and smoking a cigarette is not the end of the world, but it is important that you get back on track and try to stay away from them from now on. Even after your baby is born it would be the best thing for you both for you not to smoke.



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